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From his first Andrean cover 
in the Spring of 1992, 
Photographer Lu Taskey 
reaches his milestone tenth 
cover on this issue. Lu has a 
wonderful eye for the 
dramatic and this cover shot, 
taken on Prize Day 2006, is 
no exception. The gold 
medals for academic 
excellence are an appropriate 
subject for this issue's cover 
story on the CESI visit and 
report. Our thanks go out to 
Lu for his great help over the 
years and for his continuing 
interest in St. Andrew's. 


Dennis Collins 
Edna Collins 
Jim Herder '64 
John J. Housser '03 

Stephen Kimmerer 
Lu Taskey 
Stephen Treasure 
Jim Wyse '57 

1 1 ■ 
i in 









Jim Wyse '57 


Dr. Malcolm "Woody" Fisher '52 


Marshall Starkman '89 


Peter Bedard '83 
















i And lots more... 



St. Anc 


Jim He 


Jim Mc 


2006, VOLUME 50. NUMBER 2 


rew's College for alumni, 
and friends of the School. 

rder '64 

Gillivray, Kim Sillcox 










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f v w- « 



H N 1 < V;>t 



The theme of this edition of "The Andrean" is Excellence 
Awarded. It is an appropriate topic given the outstanding report 
that St. Andrew's College received from the Canadian 
Educational Standards Institute's (CESI) Visiting Committee in 
May. The primary purpose of the CESI review was to verify the 
extent to which SAC. met the ten standards for the 
accreditation of schools: Purposes and Objectives; Values, 
Discipline and Extra-curriculum; Academic Programme; School 
Organization; Personnel; School and Community; Admission 
Procedures; Governance; Corporate Structure and Finance; and 
Plant and Management. 

The committee of fifteen independent school educators from 
across Canada introduced their final report with the declaration 
that "St. Andrew's is one of Canada's great independent schools 
that is truly committed to its mission to nurture the 
development of the complete man, the well-rounded citizen." 
They were amazed that every student, parent, teacher, alumnus 
and Board member knew, when asked, the school's Mission 
Statement. Their report stressed the leadership role that the 
school has taken on the national and international stage in the 
past five years. Strong and effective governance and the 
collaborative approach taken by the Leadership Team were seen 
to be instrumental in "elevating the school to new levels of 

The report made repeated references to the school's "bold and 
inspiring strategic plan" and its ability to blend tradition with 
innovation. The commitment to technology, residential life, 
athletics and facilities improvements received high praise, as did 
the dedication and strong work ethic of the faculty and staff. The 
Middle School's "school-within-a-school" environment was viewed 
as both collaborative and congenial. 

Equally gratifying were the compliments directed toward the 
students. The boys' respectful tone and behaviour; their sense of 
community and brotherhood; their willingness to test their limits 
and reveal their character; their deportment in the cadet 
program, pipe band, and chapel were highlighted in various 
sections of the report. 

Most rewarding, perhaps, were two comments found in the 
report's "Values, Discipline and Extra-curriculum" section: 

There is a distinct atmosphere about the school where 
courtesy, respect, dedication, and self-discipline are core 
values of community living. 

The Visiting Committee would like to congratulate 
St. Andrew's in creating an environment that has allowed the 
boys to become true gentlemen. Their manners, both 
courteous and respectful, were indeed impressive and left us 
with a very positive feeling. 

While we are justifiably proud of the school's stellar "report card", 
we cannot rest on our laurels. No stone must be left unturned if a 
stronger foundation can be made for any of our school programs and 
activities that received less than "perfect" marks. 

To that end, the Board of Directors, Headmaster and 
Leadership Team will continue to examine areas of school 
activity that need improvement and will develop strategies to 
achieve it. 

As St. Andrew's begins its 108th year, our commitment to 
excellence, so strongly identified in the CESI report, continues. H 





C. E.S.I. - the Canadian Education Standards Institute - sends a 
visiting team to each independent school once every seven years 
to determine whether the institution deserves to be accredited. 
C. E.S.I, is a regulatory body created by the independent schools 
themselves to ensure the highest standards among member schools. 
St. Andrew's is a founding member of the group. 

November of 2005 was S.A.C.'s turn again, and when the 
13-member evaluation team arrived for the intensive three-day 
visit, St. Andrew's was more than ready. Work had begun 18 months 
earlier with staff conducting its own evaluation, one that in many 
ways would be much more daunting than the real thing. 

Assistant Headmasters Courtenay Shrimpton and Kevin 
McHenry were the co-ordinators of the internal C.E.S.I. 
evaluation. Both had been on other C.E.S.I evaluation teams, 
which are comprised of faculty members and administrators from 
other independent schools, and noted that the S.A.C. response to 
the upcoming evaluation was unique. "At most schools, 






a couple of staff co-ordinating preparations for the evaluation 
seem to do almost all of the work," said Courtenay Shrimpton. 
"But here, Kevin and I really were just co-ordinators." 

"We asked for volunteers to help evaluate all areas of the school 
the C.E.S.I. evaluation team would examine and we had no 
shortage of help. We had a number of teams of five or six members 
who did the legwork. We had staff who volunteered to write the 
reports, others who volunteered to edit and format it. It was a 
tremendous team effort. Of the one-thousand pages in our internal 
evaluation, Kevin and I wrote only a small fraction of them. It was 
a remarkable team effort and quite unusual as schools go." 












The process was comprehensive and relentless. "We were 
finished with the internal report by June, and the evaluation 
wasn't until November," says Kevin McHenry. "We were more 
than ready." 

"Rather than create booklets that would be given to C.E.S.I. 
team members, we downloaded the whole internal report onto 
our website. Anybody could look at it and we encouraged 
everybody to look at it, from faculty and staff to parents. The 
C.E.S.I. team received their reports from the same website." 

This report is what the C.E.S.I. evaluation team would use as 
the basis of its visit. They spent almost four days at the school 
- from Sunday to Wednesday in late November, 2005 - visiting 
classes, meeting students, faculty, staff and Board members, 

"The success J 
evident in if 



"The Visiting Committee has some concerns about the facilities. 
The current tennis courts need resurfacing and the tennis court 
fencing needs to be replaced. Also, the clay track and field track 
needs to be upgraded, the lower fields by the creek need to 
be levelled and crowned. Finally, the department needs more 
storage space for equipment. " 

"The sense of duty, service to others and pride in the school 
consistently resonates from the Board Chairman, Governors, 
Headmaster, staff, students and parents. It is the same pride 
and commitment of the alumni that is especially noteworthy 
and a unique strength of St. Andrew's." 

"The Visiting Committee wondered what opportunities there 
were for boys in residence to socialize with girls. " 

"St. Andrew's is blessed with a beautiful campus and excellent 
resources and it is in this environment that we see happy 
students and optimistic staff working together. There is a distinct 
atmosphere about the school where courtesy, respect, dedication 
and self-discipline are core values of community living. " 




Ladies' Guild members and others. 
They listened, observed, and collected 
information to determine how much 
the internal evaluation was reflected 
in real practice. 

Courtenay and Kevin have sat on 
C.E.S.I. evaluation teams at other schools 
and both report that it is an intense, 
whirlwind experience for all the team 
members. "It's about as tough a three days 
as you'll experience," notes Courtenay. 
"Each team member has seen the report, 
and each has his or her own assigned 
area when the team arrives at the school. 
The days are long and when it's over 
you've got reports to write." 

"Basically you visit the classes and the 
people you need to visit to address your 
assigned area. As a whole, the team tries 
to get into every teacher's classroom. 
Some teachers are surprised that after 
all the preparation they've done, a team 
member might be in and out of their class 
in a few minutes. But team members pick 

up on the overall pattern in the school 
quickly, and they know right away that a 
class is in fact another cog in the pattern 
of excellence they've seen all day." 

Notes Kevin: "If one or more team 
member is spending a lot of time in your 
area, then you have a big problem. 
Fortunately, we had no such major 

To say that the overall tenor of the 
final report was positive would be an 
understatement. "There were no shocking 
findings," says Kevin. "In fact, the only 
surprise was the almost embarrassingly 
positive nature of the report. There were 
some suggestions for improvements, but 
no major difficulties." 

an miE^aj 

- HAS 01* 

"The overall impression is that first of 

all it's a marvellous school, fully in line 

with its mission statement. Everyone here 

understands what St. Andrew's is supposed 

to be, and it is in fact achieving its mission 

fully. The Committee was very enthusiastic 

about the energy in the place, not only 

from students, but from faculty. They were 

impressed by how committed everyone is, 

from maintenance staff to the student 

body, tO faculty." courtenay shrimpton 



Headmaster Ted Staunton was particularly pleased with the 
results of the evaluation. "Over the past seven years we made 
tremendous strides to address areas of possible weakness in 
the School as a whole," he notes. "We responded to hundreds 
of recommendations that came out of our own studies and 
long-term plans." 

"Still, when an external group of your peers comes in with 
the magnifying glass to point out your shortcomings for all to see, 
you're justifiably nervous. But the overall results were beyond our 
dreams. I could not have been more pleased with the evaluation 
committee's findings and report. All in all, it was a great process 
for St. Andrew's to undertake and respond to. Kevin and Courtenay 
led us through the process most capably, and the support offered 
by our faculty was nothing short of inspiring." 

Courtenay notes that recommendations might be categorized 
more as suggestions for improvement rather than any kind of 
condemnation for failure, though there were a couple of 
"motherhood" issues that he feels bear consideration. "One of 
the major things that came out was that the students are at 
their limit in terms of pace of life," he notes. "I suppose this is 
something we inherently know, but it hits home a bit harder 
when skilled people from outside of the school point it out to you." 

"So even though the students seem to want to do more and more, 
we need to be aware of the strain on them. We're accustomed to 
saying yes and being supportive when they come to us with ideas, 
but for their sake maybe we need to start saying no to some things 
we've always said yes to." 

Kevin calls the whole evaluation a very valuable process of 
school soul-searching and self-assessment. "It's a forced reflection 
you might otherwise not make time to do," he says. "The internal 
evaluation we did was tremendously beneficial. We've been able to 
address areas that might be improved by taking our own and the 
evaluation committee's recommendations back to department 
heads. Those things are now being addressed, and we'll move 
forward for seven more years until it all starts again!" 


"As is the case with all student leadership programs, there are 
some areas of concern. The communication between the Middle 
School and the Upper School is one potential for improvement, 
as the Prefects felt there was minimum involvement with the 
Middle School." 

"The Visiting Committee would like to congratulate St. Andrew's 
in creating an environment that has allowed the boys to become 
true gentlemen. Their manners, both courteous and respectful, 
were indeed impressive and left us with a very positive feeling. " 

l& Ofl& (h 



"Consideration should be given to the benefits realized by 
having a communications officer overseeing the multitude 
of information leaving the School. Housed within the 
Advancement office, the same detailed process utilized for 
communication with the alumni could easily be adapted 
to the numerous communications going out to the parents." 

"St. Andrew's College does an excellent job of reporting 
students' progress to parents/guardians. The posting of 
teachers' electronic daybooks on the internet ensures that 
both students and parents are kept abreast of materials 
being covered, homework assignments, and any upcoming 

THE A N D RE AN | 5 


Kevin McHenry, Assistant Headmaster, 
Academics and the Upper School, joined 
St. Andrew's four years ago after 12 years 
in public high schools, first as a teacher of 
business, accounting, law and computers, 
and subsequently as a Vice Principal at 
Newmarket Secondary School. Life in an 
independent school has been very much 
to his liking, largely, he says, because of 
the tremendous energy and dedication 
of the faculty and staff. 

"There is a very 
strong sense that 
we're all on the 
same page and 
working towards 
the same goals, " 
he says. "This 
makes for a 
very motivating 
environment " 

Kevin arrived at the school just as the 
province eliminated Grade 13, at a time 
when academics were ripe for an overhaul. 
It became clear very quickly that he was 
the man for the job, and since his arrival, 
St. Andrew's has seen a rebirth of its 
academic focus and direction. Failure 
rates have plummeted, student honours 
have soared, and perhaps never have the 
boys of St. Andrew's been so well prepared 
for the increasingly competitive world 
of university academics. The learning 
environment is exciting - in no small 
part due to Kevin's drive to raise the 
academic ante. He has clearly relished 
the challenge. 



"I'm excited because I feel we really 
have our academic house in better order 
than ever before," says Kevin. "We're 
running a number of innovative programs 
that are not happening anywhere else, 
and we're carving out a clear academic 
niche in a very busy and active school." 

"Athletics, drama, music - with all 
these activities, academics are not always 
the most celebrated side of school life. 
Academics are not glamorous, but 
everyone knows that's why the boys 
are here. There are a number of great 
initiatives we've worked towards and 
we're seeing results." 

In June, Andrean writer Jim 
McGillivray spoke with Kevin about 
these wide-ranging initiatives and 
what they mean to today's Andreans. 


One of the most difficult things to do at a 
school like this is to create and manage the 
right balance within the academic program 
and between academics and other aspects 
of student life. The balance of priorities in 
the academic program right now is right 
where it should be. We have a strong and 
developing Advanced Placement program 
and a number of other things that are 
moving us towards equally high standards. 
It is this balance we've attained in the last 
few years that I am most proud of. 


Every student says, "I want to do well in 
academics," and they really mean it. But 
it wasn't always happening. We found we 
didn't have the structure in place around 
their academic lives to help them 
make that happen. The best example 
is probably the GLC - the Guided 
Learning Centre. This is a program 
whereby students who haven't finished 
assignments on schedule are required 
to attend a classroom after school where 
they are given the time and the guidance 
to complete the work. The bottom line 
for the GLC is very straightforward: if you 
don't finish a major assignment that has 
been posted to the teacher's online 
daybook seven days in advance of its due 
date, you don't participate in co-curricular 
activities. It sounds hard-line, but it's 
very fair. 

Communication is key here. When 
a student is assigned to the GLC, emails 
go out from the GLC co-ordinator to 
five people: the student, the parent, the 
advisor, the Housemaster, and the coach. 
In reality, most boys spend one or two 
days in the GLC and the assignment 
is finished. 

This program has improved the 
culture of the school academically and 
it is working tremendously well. It 
motivates them to finish work on their 



"Encouraged by the school's 

warm environment and 

dedicated teachers, students 

naturally find themselves 

willing to test their limits and 

to reveal their character. " 

own, and if they don't it gives them the structure to get it finished 
in spite of themselves. Alan Halstead, who facilitates the GLC, 
sits with them and helps them to organize and to plan their work 
and their next week. 

A by-product of this program is the information that comes out 
of it. Alan is meticulous about recording information that I can 
then study. This feedback gives me a very accurate snapshot of 
the academic year and where problem areas might be for 
students in general. 


When the Ministry changed the curriculum to four-years from 
five, students, particularly at St. Andrew's found it an incredible 
challenge to get their credits while participating in everything 
else here that is important to Andrean life. The burden is 
tremendous for all high school students, to the point where 30% 
of students province-wide still take five years to finish their 30 
credits rather than four. With that in mind, we've had to develop 
programs that help students acquire credits earlier and outside of 
the traditional day. Of course the first major program developed 
for this purpose was GPP/AMR - the Cadet program credit courses 
that allow boys to earn a Grade 1 1 credit for three years' work in 
Cadets, the Pipes & Drums and the Military band between Grades 
9 and 11. This was our obvious first choice for such a course. 
The effort and time commitment were there from the boys and 
the faculty; it was just a matter of formalizing the paperwork. 
It's working superbly. 

In September 2005, we introduced a new mandatory credit 
course for all boarders. The course is called Learning Strategies 
and its focus is on the development of students' study skills, test 
taking and general academic organization. It was developed 
and is taught by the Director of Residential Life, David Galajda. 
The course has been very well received by our boarding 
students and their parents. 

"The GLC is a supervised room where students who have 
outstanding assignments or tests go, instead of after school 
extra-curricular activities, until the piece of work is complete. 
Students and teachers alike feel that it has changed the culture 
of the school by making a clear statement that "academics are 
number one," and has facilitated the tracking of students who 
are experiencing academic troubles. " 

"Overall, it appears that the opportunity to engage in critical 
thinking is provided in many classrooms at St. Andrew's 
College, but it is not evident that critical thinking is being 
taught as a coherent process within the broader curriculum." 


"To say that students lead an active life at St. Andrew's College 
is an understatement!" El 

In Grade 8 we have introduced two Upper School credit 
courses. One is called Comprehensive Arts, which is a Grade 9 
credit course combining music, art and drama. The other is a 
Grade 9 math course, again for Grade 8 boys. These are all 
designed to help students get ahead of the game; in essence we 
have formalized work they were already doing so that they 
could earn a credit for it to reduce the pressure on them in 
Grades Hand 12. 

We have also expanded our summer school program and 
encouraged students to take a course in the summer. We had 
almost 60 of our students in S.A.C. summer school last summer, 
which is more than we have ever had. This program helps these 
boys earn credits early, increasing their chances of graduating 
with good standing after four years. 




Advanced Placement - 'AP' as it is known - fits our school very 
well. AP is huge in the U.S. and is growing quickly in Canada as 
well. An AP course is our usual credit course, but with enough 
elements of a first-year university course that students can go 
straight into a second-year university course once they have it. 
It allows students to specialize and reach into university level 
material that suits their strengths and interests. We had 14 AP 
exam topics written this year. Five AP courses are stand-alone, 
some combine AP with regular course material, dividing the 
class into two sections. Next year we'll have two more stand- 
alone AP courses. These are demanding courses. Our vision is 
not to mandate anyone to take them, but to give the opportunity 
to those who are able and willing. Since 2002 we've gone from 
64 AP exams written to 123 written this year, so it's a booming 
program. The program works superbly for us, and of 37 Ontario 
and Quebec students named National AP Scholars in May 2005, 
four were St. Andrew's students. St. Andrew's ranked 3rd out of 
250 AP schools last year. Our Advanced Placement capabilities 
and success are among the top reasons people are choosing this 
school. Parents ask about it right up front. 


This was contentious at first, but academically it has worked 
just as we had hoped. The first thing it did was to greatly reduce 
the stress level among students and staff. Of course, to make it 

feasible we increased academic time during the week. It wasn't 
a huge increase in time, but we've found that this time is far 
more useful than it was on Saturdays, when absences were 
high due to sports and family commitments. I'm sure that 
many Old Boys remember too many cancelled Saturday classes. 
Far from compromising academics, getting rid of them has 
increased academic quality time by putting it back into the 
regular school day. 


The Ministry of Education comes in every two years to inspect 
us. They were here in December, and I confess 1 was worried 
because so many new initiatives had been put into place since 
the last inspection. How would they feel about our 'non-traditional' 
courses such as Cadets/Music Repertoire, Learning Strategies, and 
our 'reach-ahead' Grade 9 credits, or our new S.A.C. Assessment 
and Evaluation policy? But their report was glowing. They went 
through things in great detail, and to quote them, St Andrew's is 
a "leading school." So that really reinforced the value of the work 
we've done in recent years. 


I think the key with laptops has been in finding the right 
balance and I think we've found that. The laptop is being used 
as it should be: as a great learning tool. It's like a whiteboard, 
or a Smart board, or a book, or a piece of chalk - a tool to help 
learn. That's the niche it has found. Teachers spend lots of time 
in professional development on laptops, and we've had to create 
a whole I.T committee to manage the laptop program. But the 
laptop has become a tremendous tool for us, and it keeps the 
boys and the faculty on the leading edge of where things are going. 
Through the school year, I habitually visit three different classes 
a week for 30-40 minute segments, and I never cease to be 
amazed by the uses being made with laptops by both the faculty 
and the boys. 






One of our great initii 

helped immeasurably ■ improved nun. 

Wc'w imp: 

and I 

communication. This fall, we 

implementing online marks for all i ere 

parents, particularly for those paren This 

■rtainh added to the faculty's work 
teachers are always willing to do what is in tin 
of their students. 

hat is 

his will 

eh year. H 




. 1 . R OBFRTCOUITF R 1914- P006 

These words of Browning epitomize the life and work of our 
retiring Headmaster. In his search for excellence, Dr. Coulter has 
had four distinguished careers in which his strength of character 
has been reflected. He has the discipline of a professional athlete, 
the patience of a teacher, the skill of a University Director and the 
wisdom of a Headmaster. A tribute to him at this time includes the 
hope that he and his gracious wife reach for yet another career. 

I believe his contribution to our school can be best stated by 
referring to the words of Dr. David W. Slater when, as President 
of York University, he introduced Dr. Coulter to the assembly at 
the time that University honoured him at Convocation - 

"Not content to rest on laurels that St. Andrew's College had 
already won, Dr. Coulter strengthened the traditions of the past and 
infused into the school his own passion for academic soundness. 

The record shows that 
St Andrew's College, under 
his direction, takes no second 
place as a seat of learning, 
nor would it be an exaggeration 
to say that, as the present Dean 
of Canadian Headmasters, 
Dr. Coulter's influence has been 
felt across the Independent 
Schools of the country." 

THE A N D RE AN | 10 


This is the measure of the man we have all been proud to know. 
In recognition of his great contribution to St. Andrew's, the Board 
of Governors has authorized the Coulter Scholarship Fund. Thus, 
we at St. Andrew's will always remember Dr. Coulter in a tangible 
and meaningful way. May he reflect with pleasure on the great 
contribution he has made to the affairs of our school. 


Chairman of the Board 


The first, the Rev. Dr. George Bruce, organized the school, but ill 
health forced him to retire before the first year was up. 

The next, Dr. D. Bruce Macdonald, established the nature of 
the school. He saw it through three locations in Toronto and the 
move to Aurora. 

The Headmastership of Dr. Kenneth Ketchum was a period of 
consolidation with emphasis on rebuilding after the depression 
years and restructuring after World War II. 

J.R. Coulter succeeded to the Headmastership in 1958 and 
over the 16 years of his term in office has changed the school in 
many ways. First of all he has been a builder. The Ketchum 
Auditorium and the adjoining classroom wing (now Coulter 
Hall), the Great Hall together with the renovation of the old 
upper school dining hall into the Fourth House (now Sifton 
House) residence and the extensive changes in Macdonald 
House, marked his early years as Headmaster. The second major 
building programme is more recent and in the minds of most of 
us here, but we must mention the extensive enlargement of the 
Library (now Towers Library) and the construction of our 
magnificent Science facilities (now MacLaughlin Hall). Both of 
these building programmes were, to a large measure, 
accomplished as a result of the Headmaster's recognition of the 
developing physical needs of the school. 

For many headmasters, the physical improvements which I 
have just outlined, would have been a sufficient major 
accomplishment for their term of office; but Dr. Coulter has not 
been a builder of buildings only. Over the years he has attracted 
to the school a competent staff who have made a major 
contribution to the other buildings which Dr. Coulter has taken 
even more pride in than the physical one: the building of a sound 
academic programme which has grown as the needs of the 
student body has changed. 

We now turn to the man himself. What kind of person has been 
headmaster of this school for 16 years? First of all his athletic 
prowess, which was certainly a part of his reputation as he came 
to St. Andrew's, has not been the dominant factor of his life here. 
From time to time, he has helped in the coaching of teams but 
basically he has left this side of the school life to others. He has 
insisted on the maintenance of good academic standards. 

When occasion has demanded it he has taken decisive action 
even when many would have been inclined to temporize. Always 
his underlying motive has been the best needs of the school. 
Even though many have differed with him from time to time, no 
one will deny that he has always kept his interpretation of this 
idea to the foremost. 

In summation, one must recognize that S.A.C. has grown 
strongly in the last 16 years. This growth has been in numbers, 
moving from a school of approximately 225 to a school of over 
325; has been in buildings, it has been in academic standing. 
This is a fine legacy for anyone to leave to a successor. 


Three of St. Andrew's Headmasters gathered at the 1986 retirement 
dinner for the late Jim Hamilton '33. (l-r) Robert Bedard (1981-1997), 
Robert Coulter (1958-1974) and Thomas Hockin (1974-1981). Jim 
served the school with distinction as Executive Director of the S.A.C. 
Foundation and Secretary-Treasurer of the S.A.C Association from 1962 
until 1985. 

THE AN D RE AN | 11 



Success seems to follow Jim Wyse '57, and has since his S.A.C. 
days when he was an athletic leader in football and hockey 
during an athletically strong year at the school. Trained at 
University of Toronto as a Civil Engineer, Jim earned an M.B.A. at 
Western before getting into management consulting and then 
property development as a builder of condominiums in British 
Columbia. Among other things, he built the Nancy Green Olympic 
Lodge, a 90-room hotel at Whistler. 

But what has he done recently? Well, nothing short of 
founding and building one of Canada's leading wineries. In 1993, 
Jim was ready for something different and bought 100 acres in 
B.C.'s Okanagan Valley, with a view to expanding his love of fine 
wines into a business. He added 100 more acres and began the 
Burrowing Owl Vineyard, named after an endangered species 
protected by a government reserve adjacent to his land. Within a 
few short years, Burrowing Owl wines were being feted in 
publications across North America as among Canada's best. 

"The latest Cabernet Sauvignon was advertised on our website 
at midnight on a Sunday at $30 a bottle," Jim tells BCBusiness in 
an April interview, "and by 2 pm the next day it was gone. The 
$40 Meritage was sold out the afternoon after that." Jim's 2002 
Meritage won gold medals and Best of Class honours in two 
separate California wine competitions in 2005. 

Today, Jim's land is worth at least 20 times what he paid for it, 
though he's not about to sell. With $7 million in revenues 
expected this year, the firm will spend $5 million on upgraded 
production and bed-and-breakfast facilities. The family is not left 
out of the business either, with son Stephen, daughter-in-law 
Michelle and wife Midge all intimately involved. 

When he's not running his wildly successful business, Jim 
plays piano and writes music for a swing band that performs 
regularly in such locales as Club Med in Nassau. 

Jim continues to lace up the skates and plays hockey regularly 
with Gord Robertson '54. 

ffin/ HM/ov 




Knowing that Dr. Malcolm "Woody" Fisher graduated from St. 
Andrew's in 1952 (with the Governor General's Medal no less), 
you might think he'd be well into retirement by now. In truth, at 
a point when many people would be easing into a life of leisure, 
Woody, after 25 years of full-time academia with the University of 
Toronto, was opening the Upper Canada Lower Bowel Clinic in 
downtown Toronto. That was 1994, and the septuagenarian 
Doctor still puts in four full days a week, seeing from 80-100 
patients as an "Arcologist" (anus/rectum/colon specialist). Why 
does he do this? "This is incredibly rewarding work," he says. "If 
there are any downsides, they come from government and 
professional bureaucracy, not from the work. I can't imagine 
doing anything more gratifying." 

Environmental issues also play a big role in Woody's life, 
especially since a trip to Costa Rica resulted in his buying 300 
acres of threatened rainforest and donating it in 1998 to York 
University. The land remains pristine and York has used it for 
field studies to help graduate more than 20 students with their 
Master of Environmental Studies. Woody and his cousins have 
also protected a family homestead in Muskoka. This rare and 
unique wetlands property will also soon belong to York 
University, with whom Woody claims a "wonderful and rewarding 
association" since he first met with them to offer the Costa 
Rican land. 

Woody spends less time than he would like at his "Oceat" 
island in Georgian Bay, with his three children (a surgeon at the 
Hospital for Sick Children, a science teacher at St. Michael's 
University School in Victoria, B.C., and a bond trader turned 
mother) and seven grandchildren. 

Oh, and did we mention he founded the Canadian Liver 
Foundation and the Environment Protection Laboratories? He is 
also very into wine as a Certified Sommelier, teacher 
(Vintegriteach) and writer (Vinsider Report). 

"Wooda/' SRsAer 




Marshall Starkman '89 returned to SAC. this past summer, 
albeit not in an academic role. Marshall is the Director of Roger 
Neilson's Hockey, a not-for-profit hockey camp and coaching 
clinic that celebrated 30 years of success by making the St. 
Andrew's campus the camp's home base for six weeks in July and 

The camp hosts 150 boys and girls per week for an intense 
and enjoyable program of on and off-ice activities, all geared 
toward good health, team-building and hockey excellence. 
Marshall attended the camp as an aspiring goaltender many 
years ago, but he first became involved as an instructor in 1992 
when S.A.C. hockey coach Al Dunford introduced him to Roger 
Neilson. His role grew as the years passed and he came to know 
Roger, a mentor for whom he had tremendous respect. "Knowing 
Roger Neilson as a friend is something that changes your life," he 
says. "Our programs reflect his meticulous attention to detail, his 
progressive thinking, and his passion for excellence. But they 
also reflect what I consider Roger's greatest legacies: his 
generosity and down-to-earth caring, selfless nature." Neilson 
died in 2003 after a long and courageous fight against cancer. 

Marshall currently runs the camp full-time out of a Stouffville 
office, continuing his lifetime hockey commitment that was 
interrupted only for a few years in the mid-1990s when he 
followed his Ryerson Bachelor of Applied Arts degree into the 
film industry. Even then he was playing or helping out with 
Junior teams like the Lindsay Muskies (owned by Roger) and 
intermittently with the S.A.C. varsity team. Last season, he was 
the Director of Hockey Operations for the Stouffville Spirit of the 
Ontario Provincial Junior 'A Hockey League (OPJHL), guiding 
them to their first division and conference titles in team history. 




Ever worked for a dysfunctional company? Peter Bedard '83 was 

fortunate enough to work for several - fortunate because it has 
helped him find his niche. Peter established People First as a 
part-time consulting business in 1999, but has "gone legit" since 
bringing on a partner and incorporating in the last four years. 
Peter's clients are companies that once were small, but are 
having trouble managing growth, largely due to personnel issues. 
"We help people who may have started out building a product, 
but are now building a company," he says. "Very often, managing 
people is not their area of expertise. They are frustrated and they 
know they need help. They are pretty receptive to what we try to 
do, which is basically hold a mirror up to their management style 
and make sure it aligns with the company's values." Peter says he 
finds "almost 100%" of the time that problems start at the top 
with the C.E.O. His experience with various firms run by 
"extreme" personalities throughout the 1990s to the present have 
helped hone his consulting skills. Today his clients include large 
land developers, a university and a number of engineering firms. 

Peter is part of the stalwart-S.A.C. Bedard family. His three 
brothers also attended the School and their father Bob served as 
Headmaster from 1981-1997. Peter went on to receive a B.A. from 
the University of Toronto and an M.B.A. from the Schulich School 
of Business at York University, where he has taught a course on 
Organizational Behaviour for the past seven years. 

Peter is married to Jane Kravchenko, who taught at SAC. 
until the couple had the first of their three sons in 1998. They 
moved back to Aurora in August after a stint in Toronto, and 
Jane is back helping out at the School as a tutor. True to the 
Bedard family tradition, Peter still plays tennis competitively; as 
do his brothers and father. 



CC t 

(jourcuj^" i& often/ cfefinecl 
a& u tnab aua/itw ofmincl or 

• m 


cfanger or ofi&o&itiofi/ coit/i/ 


G. Kingsley Ward presents the Colonel Tilston Awards to honour the 
students who, in the opinion of the faculty, have set the best example 
in their class for effort, persistency and tenacity in their studies and in 
all other school activities. Upper school honourees were (l-r) Alex Mann 
'07, Perry Thomson '08, Thomas Brindley '09, G. Kingsley Ward, 
Matthew Eaton-Kent '06 and Graham Thompson '06. 

Chairman of the Board of Directors Jeff Chisholm presents the Middle 
School Colonel Tilston Awards (l-r) Sam Roberts-Aasen '11, Borna 
Kalantar '12 and Jordan Slaman '10. 

Welcome to the 107th edition of Prize Day at St. Andrew's College. 
Regardless of distance traveled, either from across Yonge Street or 
from distant countries, it is wonderful to have you with us at this, 
the last formal event of the year. Our diverse, international student 
population is one of the unique features of St. Andrew's College - 
one that truly enriches our community. 

It is nice to be under the "big top" again. 
Do you remember the blue and white tent 
with the holes in it - we got UCC to buy it! 
I knew we'd get the last laugh. 

Every school year has its distinguishing 
characteristics. As Mr. Chisholm 
mentioned, CESI's visit was a major 
preoccupation. Every single member of 
the Board, faculty, staff, and Ladies' Guild 
Executive were involved to some degree. 
Thank you to all of these groups for their 
openness to the Visiting Committee. 
I think it is appropriate in this setting to 
also thank you, the parents, for investing 
your hard-earned dollars in the education 
of your son at S.A.C. The impressive 
report from CESI should confirm the fact 
that you made the right choice of school. 
It also gives the Board and administration 
confidence that changes we have made 

over the past nine years have made for a 
better school for the boys. Over the 
summer, we will either mail, email, or 
post on our website a copy of the report. 

Another distinctive element of this 
school year was extraordinary acts of 
courage by our students. 

"Courage" is often defined as "that quality 
of mind or spirit enabling one to meet 
danger or opposition with fearlessness". 

At St. Andrew's, we recognize one 
student per grade who, in the opinion of 
the faculty, has set the best example for 
effort, persistency and tenacity in their 
studies and other school activities. They 
displayed these characteristics under 
adverse conditions and exhibited courage 
under fire. Five boys, instead of four, will 
receive the Colonel Frederick A. Tilston 
award, Colonel Tilston won the Victoria 




Board of Directors member Michael Sifton 79 
presents the R.H.M. Lowndes Prize to Andrew 
Pitkin '10. It is awarded to the boy in grade 8 
who best excels in studies, games, deportment 
and character. Mr. Lowndes was a student 
here from 1906 to 1912 and was a dedicated 
member of the Andrean community. 

i n i \ n n r r a n | 17 

(l-r) Visiting Hong Kong in March: Director of Advancement Jim Herder, 
Gordon Lee '06, Jane and Headmaster Ted Staunton, with Gordon's 
parents May and Gar Lee. Gordon was this year's winner of The 
Governor General's Medal presented to the student attaining the highest 
excellence among secondary school graduates across Canada. 

Cross, the highest award for valour in the 
British Empire for his acts of bravery on 
March 1st, 1945. 

In grade 9 the award goes to Thomas 
Brindley for his tenacious determination 
to improve academically. 

In grade 10 the award goes to Perry 
Thomson for his perseverance during a 
difficult time involving family health. 

In grade 11 the award goes to Alex 
Mann who showed great courage during 
and after serious heart surgery. 

From the Graduating Class, the faculty 
have decided to recognize two very 
courageous individuals. 

One was severely injured in a skiing 
accident in Collingwood in February, the 
day before his 18th birthday. His 
birthday was spent on morphine in the 

Director of Admission Michael Roy '85 and Director of Advancement 
Jim Herder '64 present the Macdonald Medal to Justin Quinton '06. 
The Macdonald Medal is awarded to a graduating student exhibiting the 
most distinguished combination of character, leadership, academic 
success and athletic accomplishment. 


Intensive Care Unit 
at Sunnybrook 
Hospital. He had 
suffered a collapsed 
lung, broken ribs, 
ruptured spleen, 
two herniated discs, 
a fractured pelvis 
and sacrum, 
collapsed bladder 
and very aggravated 
sciatic nerve. Once 
home, he was 
totally bedridden in 
intense pain for 
several weeks losing 
25 pounds. On March 1st, he came to the 
school in a wheelchair to be part of the 
ski team's photo. At the end of March he 
participated in the S.A.C. trip to the 
United Nations in New York, and in May 
he insisted on leading his platoon in the 
Church Parade and cadet inspections. 
He also attended several cricket 
practices and matches in support of the 
team, but his injuries were still too 
severe to participate. 

Persistency and tenacity under adverse 
conditions - Matthew Eaton-Kent. 

The second Grade 12 Colonel Tilston 
award winner has already been 
recognized by the mayor and Town of 
Markham for his "quick and responsible 
actions and strength of character 
protecting his parents in time of crisis". 
On April 13th 
at 4:30 a.m., two 
brandishing guns 
entered this boy's 
house while he and 
his parents slept. 
They proceeded to 
his parents' 
bedroom where they 
awakened the 
couple at gun point. 
Hearing his mother's 
screams, and 
unfamiliar voices, 
he called '911' from 
his cell phone. For 

over 40 minutes, he kept the police 
apprised of the whereabouts of the 

Without his calm delivery of 
information to the police, loss of life may 
have resulted. When several police 
detachments surrounded the house, the 
intruders attempted a foolhardy escape in 
the family vehicle and one of them was 
fatally wounded. 

Colonel Tilston would be very proud of 
the actions of Graham Thompson. 


This is a day to recognize exceptional 
achievements of boys in all grades, but in 
particular the Graduating Class. I'd like 
to focus on this group of fine young men 
for a few minutes. 

Fifty-three percent of the class of 97 
boys graduate as Ontario Scholars and 
the average number of university 
acceptances per student is 4. 

The students in the class have been 
offered over $500,000 in scholarships. 
Some of the more notable ones include: 
Kevin Lee from Ohio Wesleyan University 
(he's decided on accepting the Diversity 
Scholarship at Dickinson); Karl 
McCartney - prestigious athletic 
scholarship to Wilfrid Laurier; Jun Young 
Lee from St. Joseph's University; and 
Gordon Lee from Rensselaer Polytechnic 
Institute, but he's going to UPenn; Murray 
Kay, Tyler Munro and James Porter from 
Carleton but they have chosen McMaster, 
Western and Queen's instead; Darryl Shen 
from Queen's, but he has opted for 
Waterloo. Arthur Wong stayed loyal to 
Queen's after their offer of a significant 
scholarship; and Kiko Halaliku rejected a 
$20,000 offer from UBC to attend Guelph. 
(A very persuasive Guelph football coach, 
I suspect). 

Other boys in the class will be 
attending Cornell, Brown, Boston College, 
Colgate, Carnegie-Mellon, Tufts, NYU, 
USC, Michigan, Rhode Island School of 
Design, Edinburgh, London School of 
Economics, University of Manchester, St. 
Andrew's and Warwick. 




Headmaster Staunton presents the School 
Prize to the Head Prefect Nick Leslie '06. 

Closer to home our graduates will be 
seen on the campuses of Acadia, Brock, 
Carleton, Dalhousie, Lakehead, Queen's, 
Guelph, Toronto, UBC, Ottawa, Victoria, 
Waterloo, Western, Windsor, Ryerson, 
Wilfrid Laurier, York and top Canadian 
Business Schools like Richard Ivey at 
Western and Schulich at York. An 
impressive academic year for the 2006 
Graduating Class. 

While academics come first, here are 
some of the other activities that rounded 
out the Graduating Class' resumes: 

We will miss the artistic talents of 
Jeffrey Lui, Andy Chiu, Blake Muir and 
Sean Lee; the photography skills of Max 
Kehrli and Jeremy Slessor; the public 
speaking and debating prowess of Jesse- 
Ross Cohen; the on-stage presence of 
Pierce Cassidy, Spencer Higgs, Taylor 
Campbell; the musical talents of Han 
Choi, Alan Shum, David Luther, Harvey 
Hui, Benjamin Si, Jared Lee, Leo Yeung 
and Derek Chan; the piping brilliance of 
Nick Leslie, Matthew Browning, Dennis 
Chang, James McArthur and Paul 
Jenkins; the drumming expertise of Mike 
Ferguson & Andy Dalrymple; the cadet 
leadership skills of Chris Simpson, Arthur 
Wong, Gordon Lee, William Ohm, Tyler 
Munro, Gautam Tolani, Brandon 
Richards, Ben Udashkin and Tony Lau; 
the enthusiasm of our boys at the 2006 

Dr. Volker Stein presents the Stein Family 
Award to Scott Johnstone '06 who attended 
St. Andrew's from grade 6 until graduation 
and who has made a significant contribution 
to school life academically and athletically. 

HACIA Summit of the Americas in 
Panama City - Scott Genin, Tyler Ehler, 
Colin Murphy; the community service 
dedication of Lawrence Chu - 500 hours 
at York Central Hospital; the 
determination of Paul Ross, Scotty 
Johnstone, and Sean Han in three First 
team sports; the grace of Karl McCartney 
and Anton Bennett in full stride on the 
football and rugby fields; Dylan Edminson 
on the ski hills; and Rudy Allen, Justin 
Quinton, Robert Martini, Brent Ruppert 
and Jason Natale on the ice rink; and 
Logan Hurst on the First Lacrosse 
Championship Team. 

Alex Tang and Maguid Nicholas kept 
Fencing at S.A.C. alive and well with 
their skill, as did Nirushan 
Thambirajah, Khatib Chowdury and 
Meher Sandhu in cricket. 

We will also miss the dedication to the 
student body of the 2005/2006 Prefects - 
Nick Leslie, Adam Laing, Chris Simpson, 
Pierce Cassidy, Mike Ferguson, Murray 
Kay, Jeremy Slessor, Nirushan 
Thambirajah, Scott Johnstone, Dennis 
Chang, Dean Hamann, Tyler Munro, 
Sean Han, Gautam Tolani and Justin 

The Headmaster with Rudy Allen '06 - this 
year's Athlete of the Year. 


Carol Rose-Kudelka, our Head Nurse 
reaches a special milestone in her 

Have you 
any items for 
Our Archives? 

We are always on the lookout for 
S.A.C. items: 

• pins, pennants and programs 

• team photos - all levels 

• caps, crests and clothing 

• playbills, programs and photographs 
of School plays and musicals 

• School Christmas cards 

• badges, books and balls 

• cups and trophies 

• other S.A.C. memorabilia 

If you have items of interest, 
please contact: 
Ken Ryan 

905-727-3178, ext. 281 



Bruce Somerville, a former member of the 
faculty of St. Andrew's presents the David B. 
Somerville Memorial Award to Harvey Hui 
'06. The award is given in David's name to a 
senior student who demonstrates a love of 
music and who shares his enthusiasm with 
the Andrean community. 

distinguished career at St. Andrew's 
celebrating her 25th year on the staff. 
Thank you Carol for your devotion to the 
medical needs of the boys of S.A.C. for 
over a quarter of a century. 


Today we say goodbye to Dr. Arthur Wenk 

who is retiring from the faculty after 17 
years in the Upper School Mathematics 
department. Better known to his colleagues 
as "Art", his academic and extra-curricular 
credentials are impressive. His resume is as 

Gregory Meuser '98, Head Prefect in his 
graduating year, presents the Fred Omstead 
Theatre Arts Award to Pierce Cassidy '06. This 
is a newly named award in memory of Fred, 
Head Prefect in 1981, endowed by his 
classmates, family and friends to celebrate 
Fred's dedication, warmth, resolve, humour 
and love of people, theatre and acting. 

This is a day to 
recognize exceptional 
achievements of 
boys in all grades, 
but in particular the 
graduating class. 

William Scoular, Head of Drama, was 
presented with the Biafran Award - presented 
by Nick Leslie '06, Head Prefect on behalf of 
the graduating class to a member of the 
S.A.C. faculty or staff meaning the most to 
their year. 

large as the Aurora phonebook. BA. cum 
laude in Math and Music; MA. in Music 
Theory; Doctor of Philosophy in Musicology; 
Master of Science in Information Science; 
faculty consultant and exam reader - 
Advanced Placement Statistics; Director of 
Chamber Choir; Conductor; Director of 
Music, Jubilee United Church; S.A.C. 
Chapel Organist; X-country coach and 
marathon runner; computer expert; film 
critic and author. 

Art's most recent book, "The Quarter Note 
Tales" was released on June 5th by Wingate 
Press. If you would like a very enjoyable 

The Andrean Legacy Program 

The Andrean Legacy Program continues to expand at an astounding pace. 
This innovative life insurance matching gift program provides Old Boys and 
parents with a creative way of ensuring the continued success of St. Andrew's 
College. As of June 30, 2006, Old Boys and parents have generously arranged 
over $21 million in this unique program. For more details, please call: 

Jim Herder '64 Director of Advancement 

at 905-727-3178, ext. 237 or 



summer read, pick it up at The Sleuth of 
Baker Street Book Store on Bayview Ave. 

Nary a day has gone by in Art's 
significant tenure at St. Andrew's when 
he hasn't had a creative idea to improve 
the operation of the school. His energy, 
enthusiasm and hearty laugh will be 
missed. I know that we will hear about 
Art's next project very soon. 

Please join me in thanking a true 
renaissance man for his many 
contributions to school life at S.A.C. 

Denny Ringler is retiring, yet again, 
from the S.A.C. Music department. We 
have been very fortunate to have a person 
of Denny's talents and enthusiasm in the 
department, particularly this year during 
Don Finlay's leave-of-absence. In the past, 
he has taught keyboard, choral, midi, 
winds and percussion and jazz studies. A 
former Head of Music at two all-boys' 
schools, Lower Canada College in 
Montreal and Crescent School in Toronto, 
Denny was a perfect fit for S.A.C. His 
interest in cadets, particularly Cadets in 
Concert and improving the calibre of the 
cadet military band has made a big 
difference. We will miss Denny's constant 
smile and sense of humour. Happy 
retirement in La Belle province. 

Ms. Isabelle Goulet will be teaching 
summer school at St. Andrew's this 

summer, before returning to her native 
Quebec to be married in August. Isabelle 
was a Resident Don in Memorial House and 
Upper School Math tutor from September 
to March. In April, she bravely took over 
Mrs. Clare Kowaltschuk's Geography classes 
and guided successfully those classes to the 
end of the year. We thank her sincerely for 
her excellent work and wish her much 
happiness in the future. 

Remember Us 

Consider adding the S.A.C. Foundation 
to your will, and for memorial gifts 
in the notice of your passing. 
Gifts will be permanently recorded 
in your name for the purpose you 
designate, or for scholarships and 
bursaries for deserving students. 

S.A.C. Foundation 
15800 Yonge Street 
Aurora, ON, L4G 3H7 



Phone (905) 727-3178 
Fax (905)841-6911 


Fred Perowne '97, three First Team 
sports captain and Athlete of the Year was 
with us this year as a Resident Don in 
Flavelle House, Athletic Stores Manager 
and assistant to the Director of Athletics. 
Fred is a natural. His excellent coaching 
style helped the JV hockey team to one of 
its best seasons ever. He is currently 
taking courses at Royal Roads and will 
coach a professional hockey team in 
Serbia next year. Thank you Fred and 
best of luck. 

Middle School Faculty - Thank you 
and good luck in their careers to Karin 
Ossenkopp and Jamie MacPherson '99. 

On maternity leave next year are 
Sabrina D'Angelo, Clare Kowaltschuk, and 
Claudia Rose-Donahoe. 

Our thoughts and prayers are with 
Clare Kowaltschuk who begins treatment 
for cancer this summer. 

I would like to thank the Leadership 
Team, particularly John Walden, Kevin 
McHenry and Courtenay Shrimpton for so 
ably administering the school when I was 
on sabbatical leave. Special mention to 
my very devoted Assistant Gayle Petri for 
her dedication to her many 



THE A N D R E AN | 21 


Our beautiful \y0e/noruil 


restored uon& on/ tofa 

Earlier this year, the Region of York completed the installation of our new actuated traffic lights which will ensure a much safer 
entrance for all. There is no doubt we have seen the advantages to having these lights grace our front gates. 

As you approach the top of the drive you will see that the restoration of the Mac House Triangle was completed this past summer. 
Roads have been repaired and widened, much needed infrastructure was added and the final landscaping was completed. 

We look forward to having you visit. 

A special thanks to the Andrean families who ensured 
St. Andrew's Memorial Gates Project was a great success. 

Hasnain and Zainab Akbar 
Craig and Sarah Andrews 
Alberto and Maria Bacardi 
Thomas and Sheila Baker 
Tim and Reta Bean 
George and Janice Brown 
Young Bum and Hyun Ae Park 
Raymond and Dawn Culp 
Paul and Carrie Denton 
Emanuele and Carolina DeRose 
Jinli Ding and Toshiko Nakamo 

Stanley Doel and 

Michelle Samson-Doel 
David '56 and Margriet Dunlap 
Igor and Oksana Filipenko 
John Fitzsimons and 

Therese Madden-Fitzsimons 
Gene and Carol Genin 
Paul and Cindy Giroux 
Frank and Serena Goitanich 
Gar Lee and May Ha 
Eddie and Lancy Kam 

Jim and Kim Kay 

Kim Kieller 

Phillip and Connie Lim 

Kevin MacDonald and Susan Kelly 

James and Joanne McArthur 

Dusan and Anne Miklas 

Greg 76 and Linda Miklas 

Kieran and Jacqueline Mulroy 

Kenneth and Viola Nickerson 

Jacob and Vida Nikahn 

Anna O'Rourke 

Michael Partridge and 

Sudha Rajagopal 
Frank and Sandra Settino 
Nancy Simpson 
Richard and Nancy Stoneman 
Wai and Peggy Tang 
Jagdish and Anita Thakurani 
John and Donna Trempe 
Jacob Wai and Sylvia Lun 
Colin and Janice Walker 
Philip Wolfenden 


ANNUAL GIVING for the year ended June 30, 2006 I OLD BOYS 


Ian L. Jennings 

William A. Neal 


Richard J. Boxer 
Peter C. Rea 


G. Drummond Birks 


J. Warner Eakins 
John B. Spence 


James A. O'Brian 
K. Eric Rogers 


Lawrence G. Hampson 
William J. Shields 
Milton T. Wilson 


William A. Cobban 


Philip H. Alspach 
Edward M. Ballon 
George M. Brickenden 
C. Graham Cotter 
Gordon D. Peace 
Keith C. Pilley 


Edward H. Crawford 
Alexander G. Hyde 
R. McLeod Lightbourn 


Michael T. Adamson 
Charles W. Eddis 
F. Murray Hall 
John M. Lowndes 


Allan L. Beattie 
M. Campbell Dobbin 
James F. Hepburn 
Garrison Rapmund 


L. Joseph Errington 
William Errington 
Ernest C. Frey 
Frederick A. McKenzie 
C. Edward Medland 
Robert A. Montgomery 


Thomas B. Chipman 
William R. Howson 
Gordon C. Middleton 
Liam S. O'Brian 
Donald C. Shaw 
William R Skinner 


Joseph J. Nold 
Dan A. Poyntz 
Robert T. Putnam 
Victor W. Rodwell 
Frank M. Rolph 
Ian S. Wishart 


John C. Crosbie 
William C. Lawrence 
Hugh F. Sedgwick 
Thomas E. Smith 



George H. Guy 
the late Frank D. Moores 
S. Warren Ritchie 
Basil I. Rodomar 
William R Somers 


John S. Auld 
Richard H. Barr 
M. Malcolm Fisher 
Len W. Franceschini 
B. Anthony King 
William J. Lovering 
Gerald E. Omstead 
Coulter A. Osborne 


Gordon J. Alexander 
Paul D. Esson 
William D. Graham 
Garth E. Hazlett 
Ian D. Isbester 
S. Arthur Morris 
David L. Rea 


Michael K. Ballentine 

Richard J. Clavell 

W. Farrell Hyde 

Ralph A. King 

R. Roy McMurtry 

Thomas M. Munn 

Richard L. Read 

David G. Trent 

J. Christopher C. Wansbrough 

Douglas G. Worling 

Peter W. Young 


Alan J. Cruickshank 
Ian A. Purdie 
D. Gordon M. Robertson 
Grant A. Snow 


Barry J. Black 
H. Michael Burns 
William H. Comstock 
David M. Dunlap 
Robert F Keith 
Peter A. Ketchum 
W. Ross Reucassel 
John R. Screaton 
John M. Swinden 
Bruce W. Thomson 
J. Michael R Wood 


Robert H. Bradshaw 
Duncan Campbell 
John D. Cathers 
William de V. Frith 
J. Douglas Grant 
D. Antonio Guzman 
J. Barker Hickox 
Brian Knight 
Frederick T Leslie 
Edward B. Letts 
Michael A. Mann 
Albert E. Matthews 
Robert D. Morrison 
H. Evan C. Schulman 
Robert H. Simpson 
Walter A. Somerville 
John M. Vaughan Ricaurte 
Robert G. Wade 
M. Barry Wansbrough 

Douglas M. Clark 
G. Malcolm Darroch 
Wilfrid S. Dinnick 
John M. Hill 
Andrew D. Milne 
John C. Mueller 
Edward M. Roberts 
L. George Tejada 
James W. Wyse 
WH. Bill Yuill 


Cassius A. Belden 
James G. Godsman 
R. Joe Kepke 


James E. Dunn 
Anthony S. Fell 
Donald M. Rogers 
Robert B. Russell 
William F. Snyder 
John C. Wilkins 
Alfred G. Wirth 


ANNUAL GIVING for the year ended June 30, 2006 I OLD BOYS 





R. David Armstrong 
Christopher W. Brand 
James A. Carruthers 
Kirk Gardner 
Thomas A. Hickey 
Robert R. MacLeod 
David R. Stamper 


Brian G. Armstrong 
Ronald V. Belden 
Patrick H. Eagar 
Richard B. Gibb 
lain R. Gurr 
Carl F. Ingwalson Jr. 
W. Michael Rothery 
Douglas E. Rowan 


Douglas K. McMullen 
D. Ronald F. Rea 
Michael B. Sommerville 


Richard L. Holbrook 
Gage E. Love 
Roscoe W. Thompson 


Robert D. Gillan 
W. James Herder 
Raymond J. Osborne 
John D. Pennal 
W. D'Arcy Reade 
John F. Rook 
William E. Westfall 
Robert C. Williams 


Robert B. Emerson 
Robert G. Lang 
Douglas C. McKeen 
Hubert G. Pritchard 
Raymond S. Pyfrom 

Lawrence A. Boland 
David R Cathers 
James R McClocklin 
William H. McNeil 
James deR Wright 


Geoffrey C. Higgs 
Robert L. Jones 
Robert C. Kilgour Jr. 
F. Max E. Marechaux 
James S. McCreath 
A. Fraser McTavish 
J. Murray Shields 
Robert D. Sommerville 


Clarke A. Addison 
Guy M. Baker 
Graham F. Brunke 
W.T. David Cross 
John F. Housser 


Barry A. Brackley 
John H. Brown 
Robert R. McEwen 
James D. Gear 
R. Scott Jolliffe 
David B. Morton 


George D. Hathaway 
S. Brian A. Levett 
Donald J. MacKay 
C. A. F. Sandy Munro 
John R. Percival 
Robert E. Pritchard 
Mark M. Westcott 
A. Norman Wilkie 
Malcolm R. Yule 

Robert T Boyd 
Warren F. Boyd 
John K. Cross 
Gordon C. Dobbin 
William M. Haust 
Paul J. Higgins 
Paul H. Moron 
Edward D. Ruse 
Chris R Stoate 
John L. Walden 


James R. Brickman 
Chesley F. Crosbie 
Dennis J. Daly 
Michael I. Flemming 
Michael F. Hogg 
Gregg M. Westcott 
Robin J. Wilkie 
Gordon C. Wilson 


David J. Black 
Timothy R Boland 
Thomas A. Buckley 
James M. Empey 
Michael S. Higgins 
Ian C. McClintock 
Richard J. Reininger 
Sheldon B. Sturrock 
A. Ian Tait 


Thomas G. Birkett 
John R. Hawley 
C. James McTavish 
I Stuart Rutherford 
Robert R Topping 


David J. Durant 
Ransom R. Hawley 
Andrew J. Kilpatrick 
G. Richard Mann 
Stephen L. Peter 
D. Brian Smith 

Peter M. Dupuch 
Michael A. Earle 
David F. Edminson 
Craig D. Farrow 
Robert T. Lassaline 
Gary M. Lawrence 
J. Allen McClelland 
Gregory W. Miklas 
Paul R. Seay 
Matthew L. Shinkle 


Michael S. Gardner 
David R. Gray 
Jeffrey T. MacMillan 
Brian R. Mitchell 
John E. Omstead 
Clifford M. Sifton 
Scott L. Sillcox 
Gary C. Weilinger 


Ian M. Carlsen 
Steven G. DeNure 
Marc B. Germain 
Christopher D. Hawley 
Philip J. Henderson 
Stephen E. Hiscox 
George D. Knowles 
John D. Stewart 


Stephen G. Bagworth 
William C. Cathers 
Stephen M. Dewis 
Michael M. Edwards 
Robert C. Fawcett 
John F. Mortimer 
Thomas L. Omstead 
Jeffrey W. Richmond 
R Scott W. Rowntree 
Michael G. Sifton 
Barton N. Wong 


ANNUAL GIVING for the year ended June 30, 2006 I OLD BOYS 





K.Y. Michael Chau 
Brett R Cole 
Douglas E. Crawford 
David C. Plaxton 
Ian E. Shandling 
John C. Stevenson 


Derek R Apple 
Christopher R Ball 
R. Brian Clark 
J. Normand Cote 

C. Andrew Dickson 
Brian B. Eby 
Adam R. Hawley 
R. Bruce Huggins 
George M. Jackson 
Graeme A. Laing 
David C. Lawrence 

D. Jeffery Long 
Adam N. Lynde 
Richard S. MacDonald 
Ross N. Morrow 

Alex G. Nikolajevich 
Richard A. Peters 
Martin D. Scott 
Scott H. Smith 
Paul E. Stanborough 
J. Warren Stoddart 
Darrick L. Thomson 
Prank R. Volckmar 
S.S. Stephen Wong 


Paul E. Berrevoets 
Douglas G. Cooper 
Alan M. Crawford 
Michael G. Elliott 
Jonathan M. Harris 
J. Rodger Leslie 
Cowen Loh 
Craig J. McLean 
David G. Merkel 
Scott W Nettie 
J. Robert Tanner 

John F. Coupland 
Jonathan J. Duffield 
Mark D. Hawley 
Luis F. Lara Olmos 
G. Scott Nirenberski 
David W. Rolph 
Stephen J. Suarez 
J.R. Kingsley Ward 


Luis M. Benito C. 
Lawrence R Biricz 
Robin J. Comfort 
Paul D. Keating 
J.S. Struan Robertson 
N. Peter Smith 


Michael C. Brewer 
Oliver D. Herbst 
Paul M. Morgan 
Michael J. Paletta 
Robert S. Pollock 
Anthony H. Reid 
Robert D. Skinner 
Nickolas Tsioros 
Kenneth Wong 


John E. Archibald 
Richard A.F. Costley-White 
Thomas N. Hussey 
Shawn D. Omstead 
Michael D. Roy 
Derek A. Sifton 
Richard M. Wilson 


James E. Austin 
Todd A. Dow 
Gregory S. Dunlap 
R A. Drew Eide 
Brent M. Kelly 
Gregory F. McGinnis 
John R. Morgan 
Stephen G. Pitel 


Conrad C. Bona 
Timothy R Callaghan 
Michael R Chen-Young 
Graydon C. Cragg 
Ian G. Howey 
Simon J. Murfitt 
Glen D. Oliver 
Trevor R. Rickwood 

Jason C. Callender 
Geoffrey A. Fell 
Jonathan R. Hart 
Christopher R Kelly 
Brian W. Ledson 
Derek G. Plaxton 
Dirk H. Radeke 
Marshall C. Starkman 
Scott T. Wicks 


Scott I Bryk 
Steven R. Creber 
John W. Morris 
Cory S. Oliver 


James A. Biggar 
Ian M. Davidson 
Jamie R. Inglis 
James E. Morgan 
Stephen G. Skovhoj 
Brock K. Whalley 


Allan R. Best 
Ngai-man R. Chuk 
James W. Dennis 
Mark K. Etherington 
Darren V. Katie 
David J. Kim 
Robert M. Mantrop 
Ian C. Michael 
Carl R. Milroy 
the late Jamie T. Watts 

Thomas E. Hockin 
Jason P LaMarche-Hunderup 
Robert A. Leckey 
Brian C. McKague 
James A. Nichols 
Barton C. Sommerville 
Peter A. Wardell 


Sean A. Etherington 
Ryan J. Lawlor 
Michael E. Parent 
Alfredo Villegas-Camil 


Martin T. Best 
Paul S. Etherington 
C. Christopher L. Foster 
A. Gregor Gillam 
Helmut G. Kellen 
Jeffrey L. Lewis 
Neil McDermott 
Johan Nusaputra 
Jonathan C. Parker 


Kam Choi Chan 
David M. Dunlap 
Martin C. Landry 
Justin K. Lindquist 
Blair E. MacPherson 
Stephen J. Mantrop 
Edward C. Mercer 
Graham B. Munro 
Vito R. Pilieci 
L. Wesley Smith 
Matthew B. Thorne 
Stefan L. Tuzi 
Carl U. Zank 


Carey L. Chow 
Michael G. Foy 


Chris R. Draper 
Christopher A. Fusco 
Mark N. Landry 



ANNUAL GIVING for the year ended June 30, 2006 



Mark D. Gooderham 
James T. MacPherson 
Yamato Yoshioka 


Boris Kholodov 


Michael J. Campbell 
Jonathan Cheng 
R. Michael Craig 
Michael D. Dainard 
Matthew B. Fullerton 
John L. Lyons 
David A. Richardson 


Aladdin Diakun 
Richard G. Goldhar 
James R Healey 
John N. Knutton 
Bradley C. Smith 
Ian R. Wright 


Mark Cheng 
Hugh R Dowell 
John J. Housser 
Alessandro V. Lupo 


Daniel A. Chanadi 
Richard J. Colton 
Tomi W. Jun 


Sinclair D. Bean 
Jay S. Smith 

Dave Abar and Mojgan Pournik 
Hasnain and Zainab Akbar 
Adedapo and Olubunmi Akinyele 
Liaqat and Farideh Ali 
Stephen and Joy Allen 
Alain and Kim Amar 
Chang-noon An and Joo-Hee Park 
Peter and Brigitte Anderson 
Craig and Sarah Andrews 
Ayokunnu Are and Emiko Yoshida 
Robert and Mara Aran 
Steven and Lynn Asbury 
Vafa and Minou Ashraf 
Jason and Kelly Atkins 
Stephen 79 and Linda Bagworth 
Thomas and Sheila Baker 
Ian and Philippa Ball 
Keith Barber and Diane Purser 
Essio and Eliana Barbone 
Tim and Reta Bean 
Martin and Rhona Beaton 
Jeffrey and Annabel Begg 
Stephane Boisvert and 

Nathalie LeProhon 
Lawrence '66 and Yvonne Boland 
Randy and Leslie Bonner 
Sean and Peta Boyd 
Paul and Mala Brindley 
George and Janice Brown 
David and Karen Brown 
Mark and Carolyn Bryce 
Gary and Rhonda Burke 
David and Mary Margaret Butler 
Young Bum Byun and Hyun Ae Park 
Bin-You Cai and Dan Zou 
Robert and Jill Calvert 
Alfonso Cano and Ma Soledad Moran 
John and Madiana Carlisle 
Douglas and Margarete Carr 
Edward Cassidy and 

Carina D'Brass Cassidy 
William '79 and Susan Cathers 
Isaac and Fanny Chan 
Sam and Yvonne Chan 
Michael Chan and Elaine Yu 
William Chang 

George Chang and Mok Siu Wan 
Jacky Chiu and Ellen Lau 
Paul and Katie Cho 
Young Ho Cho and Hee Nam Chung 
Jae Hwan Choi and Ae Kyung Oh 

Herbert and Michelle Chong 

Ted and Ann Lee Chong 

Jamaluddin and Shama Chowdhury 

Philip and Cherie Christopher 

Man-Po and Man-Kuen Chu 

Benjamin and Helen Chu 

Young Chun 

Timothy and Susan Cleary 

Eric Cockshutt and Jennifer Armstrong 

Mark Cohen and Ellen Silverstein 

Brett '80 and Michele Cole 

Keith and Ginger Creel 

Carol Cressman Foster 

Raymond and Dawn Culp 

Carl and Janice Cumming 

Ray and Mary D'Antonio 

James and Christina Dalrymple 

William and Elizabeth Daniell 

Michael and Patricia De Athe 

Jose and Bernadette Deduque 

Robert and Michele Denniston 

Linda Dentay 

Paul and Carrie Denton 

Emanuele and Carolina DeRose 

Jinli Ding and Toshiko Nakamo 

Stanley Doel and 

Michelle Samson-Doel 
John and Deborah Durst 
Deborah and Margaret Eaton-Kent 
Marina Edminson 
Anthony and Christina Egi 
Kelly and Katarina Ehler 
Michael and Jaime Elliot 
Mark and Susan Ennis 
Amedeo and Erminia Fattore 
Larry Fedorov and Nancy Farrer 
Sam and Angie Ferraro 
Igor and Oksana Filipenko 
Christopher and Lisa Finch 
Pompeo and Lucy Finelli 
John Fitzsimons and 

Therese Madden-Fitzsimons 
Vilmos and Gabriella Fockter 
Gerry Fong and Coleen Seaboyer-Fong 
Gary King Foon Fung 
Henry Fung Kwok Kwong and 

Winnie Chan Yee Fun 
Eugene and Carol Genin 
Nagy and Dina Ghobrial 
Paul and Cindy Giroux 
Kent and Jane Goddard 
Frank and Serena Goitanich 

Maria-Esther Gonzalez and 

Michael Wilkings 
Antonio Gonzalez-Karg 
Guery Goyo and Loretta Fantin 
Donald and Jodie Gray 
Gary and Stephanie Grantors 
Alnoor and Tazim Gulamani 
May Ha 

David and Susan Hambley 
Jeongeun and Myungcheol Han 
Heeseog and Seong Ye Han 
Michael Hanson and Diane Austin 
Jonathan '82 and Bianca Harris 
Laurence Harris and Carolee Orme 
Mark and Cynthia Healy 
Ken and Colleen Henwood 
Greg and Susan Hergott 
Geoffrey '67 and Joyce Higgs 
Chen-Chi Ho and Yu-Mei Chang 
Timen and Jessie Ho 
Michael '72 and Marion Hogg 
John Hopkin and 

Carol-Ann Ross-Hopkin 
John '68 and Linda Housser 
Philip Hsu and Alice Liu 
Ping Hui and Joyce Cheung 
Andrew Hui and Chrily Cheung 
Bruce and Janice Hynds 
Kanji and Hiroko Ishii 
Tae and Kim Jang 
Byeung-Soo Jang and Yae-Ock Kim 
Eun-Kyung Jang and In-Yong Lee 
Woo Yong Jeong and Jung Hyun Lee 
David and Enid Jones 
Warren and Annette Jones 
Sukjae and Eunjoo Jung 
Paul and Tejinder Kahlon 
Eddie and Lancy Kam 
Henry and Cathy Kaptyn 
Jim and Kim Kay 
Joseph and Sherralee Kay 
Vaino and Anne Keelmann 
Robert and Karen Kesteris 
Michael and Debra Kiekebelt 
Kim Kieller 

Hye-Lyun and June-Mo Kim 
Byung Ryul Kim and 

Sang Hee Lee-Kim 
Chung Soung and Jung Ae Kim 
Sung Jin Kim and Yeon Hee Lee 
Dong Hyun and Mi Ae Kim 
Jeong Suk and Jong Sik Kim 


ANNUAL GIVING for the year 

ended June 30, 2006 1 PARENTS 

Daerong and Jungnam Lee Kim 

Kevin MacDonald and Susan Kelly 

Kwang Min Park and Gang Hong Lee 

Ian '73 and Cathy Tait 

Woo Shik Kim and Myung In Seo 

Robert and Lianne MacFarlane 

Moon Kyu Park and Eunsil Kim 

James and Cindy Tarn 

Sang Duk Kim 

Paul and Dorothy Mackin 

Hwang-Joo Park and Jin-Sook Yoo 

Kennarto Tanadi and Lidya Tjitra 

Chris and Erica Kim 

Krzysztot and Jadwiga Mackowiak 

James and Joan Park 

Terence and Mecky Tang 

Eui Hyung Kim and Young Hye Park 

Kam Ming Mak and Connie Chu 

Brian Parkes and Kim Card-Parkes 

Wai and Hsin-Ling Tang 

Yoo Chul Kim and Mae Ja Park 

Emmanuel and Susan Makos 

Michael Partridge and 

Jagdish and Anita Thakurani 

Kyoung-Soo Kim and Sung-Hee Jeong 

Zhong Qiang Mao and Mei Qi 

Sudha Rajagopal 

Jeyanthirajah and 

Kevin and Myra King 

David and Angela Martins 

Ralph Pearce and Pamela Grant 

Selvakumari Thambirajah 

Brian and Joanne King 

Craig and Vicki Mauchan 

George Petropoulos and 

Sam Thomas 

Brad and Nancy King 

Blair and Brenda McArthur 

Kristen Hamilton 

Isabella Thomas 

Joshua and Mirana Kwan 

James and Joanne McArthur 

William and Ann Pitkin 

Michael and Beverley Thompson 

Stephen and Jacinta Kwok 
Duk-Lin Kyung and Sung-Soon Lee 
Andy Lai and Lilian Loo 
Steven and Charmaine Laing 
Patrick and Sandi Lance 
Ho Ming Lau and Mon Yen Stella Li 
Chung Lam Lau and Fannie Tse 
Patrick Lau and Catherine Yau 
Eddie and Wendy Law 
Hojae Lee and Jinok Cho 
Gar Lee and May Ha 
Justin and Janice Lee 
Jae-Chang Lee and Jung-Yeon Koo 
Jaisoo Lee and Kyungae Kim 
Heonkee Lee and Myeongsoon Yoon 
Joon Hak Lee and Eun Im Kim 
Heon Bae and Kyung Hee Lee 
Young Ho Lee and Hae Jung Chung 
Misuk Lee 

Sangsoo Lee and Ock Huh 
Thomas and Vivian Lee 
Jae Hyun and Hyun Jung Lee 
Kyu-Heon Lee and Young Sung Jang 
Hyun Chul Lee and Ju Yeon Hong 
Vernon and Gabriele Lee 
Edward and Lucia Leon 
Scott Leslie and Betty Cragg 
Amy Leung and Linson Wong 
Ronald Lezon and 

Marita Simbul-Lezon 
Cheng Li and WengXuanZhi 
Steven and Joanne Ligeti 
Phillip and Connie Lim 
Wen-Chang and Hsiu-Jung Lin 
Sing Jin Lo and Jung Mi Yang 
Kanapathi and Rajes Logan 
Weng Fai Lok and Sio Wai Lai 
Andrew and Natalie Lokshin 
Fat-min and Madarina Lui 
Scott and Ann Luther 
Stephen and To Kam Yee Evelyn Ma 

Keith and Desiree McCartney 
Chad and Stephanie McCleave 
Graham and Lisa McConnell 
Robert and Jean McCullough 
Robert McGavin and Kerry Adams 
James and Catherine Mcintosh 
Dino Melchior 

David '82 and Sanysa Merkel 
Jose Mier Y Concha 
Gregory 76 and Linda Miklas 
Yves and Dianne Millette 
Derrick and Helene Milne 
Asghar and Samina Mirza 
Donald and Jan Mok 
Edward and Maria Morgis 
Russ and Nancy Morrison 
Ian and Nancee Morrison 
Ludi Moryto 

Edmund and Carol Moss 
Jim Muir and Christine Cook 
Kieran and Jacqueline Mulroy 
Sandy '70 and Lynn Munro 
Ki Nam and Min Lee 
Victor and Jasmine Ng 
Magdi and Hoda Nicholas 
Kenneth and Viola Nickerson 
Jacob and Vida Nikahn 
Alain Noel 

Richard and Gina Nowicki 
Stephen and Sandra Noxon 
Stephen and Lynda O'Neill 
Anna O'Rourke 
Ignacio Ochoa Lopez and 

Anabell de Ochoa 
Wonseok Oh and Miyoung Kim 
Myung Gyu and Soon Charn Oh 
Jaemin and Kyung Oh 
Mathias Ohm 

Adebusola and Mobisola Onayemi 
Duncan and Kathy Oram 
Guk-Seo Park and Hyang-Hee Kim 

John and Barbara Pollock 
William Powell and Janet MacKay 
Klaus and Mary Priebe 
Joe and Enza Pulla 
David and Josephine Quinton 
Aamir Rahim and Nazneen Farooqi 
Mohammed Rahman 
Ashok and Sunita Raina 
Chandran and Anita Ratnaswami 
Ray and Andrea Rhinelander 
Mario Richard and Francine Kenney 
Dan and Angela Richards 
James and Christine Ritchie 
Najeeb and Shazia Rizvi 
Gregory Roberts 
Paul Roman and 

Claudia Arena-Roman 
Al and Jody Salomon 
Sarabjit and Manjit Sandhu 
Yong Woon Seo and Jong Hee Lee 
Howard and Karen Seto 
Frank and Sandra Settino 
David Sheen and Amy Seung 
Fred Shen 

Wan Soo Shin and Suk Hee Cho 
Dae Sik and Hea Ju Shin 
Shelley Shouldice 
Edmond Shum and Juliana Chow 
Jimmy and Regina Si 
Michael '79 and Julie Sifton 
Nancy Simpson 
Jacqueline Simpson 
Brian and Vija Sirbovan 
Steven and Pamela Smith 
Roger and Deborah Smith 
Mark and Katerina Stainer 
Hans and Gail Stockermans 
Richard and Nancy Stoneman 
Walter and Karen Strauss 
Ian and Kimberly Sutherland 
Jack and Julie Symmes 

James Thomson and M.J. Perry 
Stephen and Karen Tiller 
Nicholas and Eva Tomory 
Robert Tozzi and Clelia Saraceni 
John and Donna Trempe 
Richard and Dale Tripodi 
Chun-Sing and Karen Tung 
Alexandra Turner 
Brett Udashkin and 

Sonia Sellan-Udashkin 
Robert and Deborah Van Galen 
Richard and Andra Vangog 
James and Susan Vigmond 
Rafael Villegas-Attolini and Maria 
Edurne Olavarri de Villegas 
Jacob Wai and Wai Lun 
Colin and Janice Walker 
Paul and Nella Walker 
James and Janet Williamson 
Gordon '72 and Nancy Wilson 
Philip Wolfenden 
Bill Wong and Lowin Tsang 
Alice Wong and Douglas Hall 
Gary and Delia Wong 
Tony Wong and Pui Siu 
Edmund Wu and Eva Poon 
Deanna and Wojciech Wysocki 
Simon Xie and Ivy Tsui 
Qum Xu and Yimm Shen 
Stanley Yan and Mo Yin Lau 
Xiao Tian Yan and Yi Zhi Liu 
Yuguang Yang and Yinghui Zou 
Anthony and Heather Yates 
Sam Yeung Chi Sang and 

Poon Chui Mei 
Danny Ying and Kitty lu 
Min Yu and Weihong Fu 
Don Yuen and Hsien Ching 
Guan Fu Zhang and Liang Zhao 
Joel Zornlla and Susana Jasso 


ANNUAL GIVING for the year ended June 30, 2006 


James Allen and Susan McNerney 
Malcolm and Carolyn Archibald 
Alberto and Maria Bacardi 
Guy and Lydel Barton 
James and Susan Biggar 
Ruth Birkett 

Aubrey and Eleanor Bonnell 
William and Denise Burke 
Robert and Lucy Camargo 
Sik Cho and Sui Yin Chan 
Alfred and Elizabeth Chanadi 
Foo Shing and Kung Shuet Sum Chau 
Ernest and Maisy Cheng 
Daniel Chicoine 

Jeffrey and Mary Ellen Chisholm 
Frank and Cathy Colton 
Richard and Debra Dainard 
Claude and Ginette Desrochers 
Stefan and Anne Dupre 
Cecil and Barbara Fleming 
Bill and Karen Foster 
Bernard Goldhar and 
Marlene Oilgisser 
Duncan Gordon 
John and Geraldine Greey 
Dennis and Mary Hawley 
James and Carmel Healey 
Earl and Donna Heinig 
James and Diana Hindess 
Thomas and Mary Hockin 
Glenn and Carol Hoffman 
Gilbert Howey 
Herbert and Lorna Irwin 
William and Christie Jackson 
Francis and See-Man Ka 
Simon and Nancy Kaptyn 
Sung Jin Kim and Jung-Jin Oh 
George and Bonnie Ledson 
George and Dawn Leggett 
J.J. and Shirley Leon 
Dan and Lynda Levick 
Sylvain and Michelle Lord 
James and Jean Lyons 
James and Gladys MacPherson 
George and Nancy Martin 
Ian and Barbara McClelland 
Neil and Leslie McLean 
Peter and Jayne McNabb 
John and Linda McNally 
Andrew and Chrystyna Melnyk 
Jenny Mercer 

Dusan and Anne Miklas 

Donna Munro 

John and Nancy Near 

Peter and Carol Newall 

Anthony and Rosemary Nichols 

Megan Nutbeem 

Donald Oliver 

Leslie Omstead 

Maeve Omstead-Johnston and 

Bob Johnston 
Edward and Nanette Parent 
Nels and Marilyn Patterson 
Ron and Gail Perowne 
Ann and Bob Perrier 
Sam and Marie Pilieci 
Doris Poirier 

James and Patricia Rankin 
Donald Richardson 
John and Maritta Rothwell 
John and Sonya Scott 
Vivian Smith 
Larry and Leesa Smith 
Bruce and Jackie Somerville 
Volker and Oksana Stein 
Basil and Helen Stevenson 
Dan and Joanne Stock 
Trudy Suarez 
Paul and Judith Taylor 
Donald and Geraldine Townsend 
Roy and April Tredgett 
King and Adele Ward 
Beverley Westcott 
John and Marjory Wilkie 
Ron and Cynthia Wilson 
Hugh and Pamela Wright 


Alain and Wendy Aubry 
J. Beattie 
Alice Booth 
Russell Boyce 
John Brindley 
Harold Browne 
Sonya Caulas 
Ferny Chang 
Marlene Clarke 
Allan and Karen Coon 
Domenic Curci 
Antonio D'Antonio 
J. H. Dean 
Kathy Denniston 
Peggy Fitzgerald 
Nadine Foerster 
Sarah Fordham 
Beth Frost 
Jeffrey Hamilton 
Catherine Holbrook 
Ken Houston 
Peter Hunter 
Brad and Mary Johnson 
Joan Kerr 
Art Kesteris 
Paul King 
Geneva Kinney 
David Leigh 

Stuart and Dianne Leigh 
Robert Lendvai and 

Lesley Dort-Lendvai 
Paul Madden 
Shannon Matheson 
Arden Mauchan 
Agnes McCullough 
John McGill 
Beth Moores 
Alec Moores 
Mary Pat Munro 
Fred and Peggy Orders 
Virginia Pain 
Dan '48 and Joan Poyntz 
Ron Rappel 
Frances Ratcliffe 
Katherine Roffey Dampier 
L. Stranberg 
Vilbert and Helmi Tull 
Charles and Susanne White 
R. J. Wilson 

James Wood and Mary Bodden-Wood 
Nabila Yousef 


Melissa Auger 
Alyson Bartlett 
Randi Berman 
Mark Burton 
Wendy Coates 
Edna Collins 
Fraser Cowell 
Luigi D'ambrosio 
Sabrina D'Angelo 
Sarah Dame 
David Dawson 
Nicholas Day 
Shawn Dunford 
Don Finlay 
Dr. John Fitzsimons 
David Galajda 
Gary Godkin 
Klaus Griese 
Len Gurr 
Alan Halstead 
Michael Hanson 
Jim Herder 
Michael Hillick 
Jamie Inglis 
David Joiner 
Marke Jones 
David Josselyn 
Stephen Kimmerer 
Ben Kitagawa 
Sherrill Knight 
Adam Kowaltschuk 
Clare Kowaltschuk 
Julie Lamb 
Scott Lewis 
Susan Marsh 
Ian Mason 
Brian McCue 
James McGillivray 
Kevin McHenry 
Beth McKay 
Dolly Moffat-Lynch 
Wendy Muratoff 
Claudio Numa 
Ronald O'Hare 
Robyn O'Hare 
Tino Paolini 
Maggie Pelc 
Ann Perrier 
Robert Perrier 
Gayle Petri 
Marie Pilieci 


ANNUAL GIVING for the year ended June 30, 2006 

Carrie Praught 
Keith Ramon 
Gregory Reid 
Graydon Robson 
Bruce Roffey 
Claudia Rose-Donahoe 
Carol Rose-Kudelka 
Michael Roy 
Michael Ruscitti 
Steven Rush 
Ken Ryan 
William Scoular 
Mark Service 
Gregory Shields 
Courtenay Shrimpton 
Ted Staunton 
Kim Sillcox 
Brian Stent 
David Stewart 
Joanne Stock 
Stuart Swan 
Amanda Thorne 
Stephen Treasure 
Nickolas Tsioros 
John Walden 
Arthur Wenk 
Rena Wiseman 


Marlene Ash 
Allen Dunford 
Dennis Hemmings 
Thomas Hockin 
Stanley Macfarlane 
Margaret Mackay 
Stephanie Miller 
Jack Mulchinock 
Tony Myrans 
Ann Osmond 
Lisa Picerno 
Struan Robertson 
Sandra Scott 
William Skinner 
Geoffrey Smith 
Bruce Somerville 
Courtney Stoate 
Howard Tetlock 
David Timms 
Marinus Van Dyk 
Hugh Warburton 
Gary West 
Ben Whitney 
John Wilkie 
Helen Williams 
Douglas Worling 


The Armadale Foundation 

The Birks Family Foundation 

The James Franceschini Foundation 

The Manchee Foundation 

R. Howard Webster Foundation 

The Catherine & Maxwell 

Meighen Foundation 
The Leslie Peter Foundation 

GREAT HALL IN 2005-06 

James R Booth '44 
Robert Lang '65 
the late Robin Scott '68 
the late Jay Scott '69 
Sheldon Sturrock '73 
Ian Davidson '91 
Joey Burke '06 
Murray Kay '06 


Addison Bay Ltd. 

Aim Trimark Investments 

Alliance Press Inc. 

AON Corporation 

Aurora Toyota 

belladonna communications 

BMO Fountain of Hope 

Brick Brewing Co. Limited 

Canadian Test Centre 

CIBC Woody Gundy 

Colliers International 

Don Russell Drug Ltd. 

Dundee Wealth Management 

Etherington Generations 

Family Tradition Foods Inc. 

G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd. 

GTS Leaderboard Tournament Systems 

Industrial Alliance Pacific 

Investors Group 

Kuwabara, Payne, 

McKenna, Blumberg 
Merkel Entreprises 
Monarch Communications Ltd. 
New Balance 
Newmarket Toyota 
Norse Ridge Farm 
Parkers Cleaners 
Peirce McNeely Associates 
Pharmo Resource & Supply Limited 
Smartsports Inc. 

Smith, Sykes, Leeper & Tunstall LLP 
Silver Lakes Golf Course 
The International Group, Inc. 
The Rice Commercial Group 
The Ross Group 
Thos. Birkett & Son Limited 
Wilson Niblett 



The Fred Omstead Theatre Arts Award 
was presented on Prize Day, June 16, 
2006 to honour his memory. Fred was 
Head Prefect of the class of 1981 and 
is fondly remembered for his 
dedication, warmth, resolve, humour 
and love of people, theatre and acting. 
He would be happy to know that 
students' lives are being enriched with 
the strong arts program at S.A.C. This 
new award has been endowed through 
generous donations from Fred's 
classmates, family and friends. 

Derek Apple '81 

Chris Ball '81 

Brian Clark '81 

Andrew Dickson '81 

Brian Eby '81 

Tom and Mary Hockin 

Bruce Huggins '81 

George Jackson '81 

William Jackson 

Graeme Laing '81 

David Lawrence '81 

Gary Lawrence 76 

Bill Lawrence '49 

Shirley Leon 

Jeff Long '81 

Adam Lynde '81 

Richard MacDonald '81 

Shannon Matheson 

Ross Morrow '81 

Alex Nikolajevich '81 

Jake '52 and Marilyn Omstead 

John Omstead '77 

Leslie Omstead 

Shawn Omstead '85 

Tom Omstead '79 

Maeve Omstead-Johnston and 

Bob Johnston 
Rick Peters '81 
Frances Ratcliffe 
Martin Scott '81 
Scott Smith '81 
Vivian Smith 
Paul Stanborough '81 
John Stevenson '80 
Warren Stoddart '81 
Darrick Thomson '81 
Frank Volckmar '81 
Stephen Wong '81 



SPECIAL PROJECT for the year ended June 30, 2006 

We had the unique opportunity this 
year to acquire a dedicated locker 
room at the Aurora Community Centre 
for our Saints hockey team. The only 
requirement was that we make 
improvements to the room - and we 
did just that. With plenty of research 
provided by our Athletic Director, Greg 
Reid, a custom design was drawn up 
for individual lockers and 
improvements to be made to the 
shower facilities. The upgrade also 

and award winning teams. We could 
not have completed this project 
without the financial support of 
Saints, past and present, and their 
families. We are grateful to the 
following Andreans who made this 
project possible by "purchasing" a 
locker. They have been recognized 
with plaques on the lockers in the 
Saints new home. 

We could not have completed 
this project without the 
financial support of Saints, past 
and present, and their families. 

allowed us to incorporate elements 
such as whiteboards and video 
capabilities for coaching and review. 
To bring a sense of history and 
inspiration to the current hockey 
team, we have installed plaques 
bearing the names of past captains 

Chris Allen '88 
John Archibald '85 
Jamie Biggar '91 
Rob Biggar '96 
Scott Bonnell '94 
Mike Brewer '88 
Brian Chisholm '00 

Matt Chisholm '92 
Doug Cooper '82 
Al Crawford '82 
Steve Creber '90 
Sean Dinsmore '05 
Todd Dow '86 
Drew Eide '86 
Michael Edwards 79 
Don Foerster '42 
Chris Heinig '97 
Tom Hussey '85 
John Keating '83 
Patrick Keating '89 
Paul Keating '84 
Stephen Keating '87 
Brent Kelly '86 
Brian Ledson '89 
Jeff Lewis '95 
Steve Mantrop '96 
Jim McClocklin '66 
Jim McCreath '67 
Brian McKague '93 
Craig McLean '82 
Daniel Near '99 
Mark Oliver '85 
Charlie Perowne '95 
Fred Perowne '97 
Joseph Rothwell '03 

Nathan Rothwell '03 
Michael Roy '85 
Ted Ruse '71 
Wes Smith '96 
Marshall Starkman '89 
Alex Stein '90 
Christian Stein '92 
Darryl Stock '04 
Graydon Stock '02 
Jamie Taylor '98 
Yamato Yoshioka '99 
Bill Yuill '57 

We welcome 
your donation to 
add your name 
to a hockey locker 
- help build our 
new tradition. 




In the Spring of 2006, the Canadian Government announced a 
new budget which provides an exciting, tax-saving opportunity 
for donors. Effective May 2006, there is no longer any capital 
gains tax on gifts of publicly-traded shares, bonds, mutual fund 
units and employee stock options donated to registered charities. 

Gifts of publicly-traded securities have become an increasingly 
popular way of supporting S.A.C. and we are pleased that you will 
receive even greater tax benefits for your generous support. 

To illustrate: You purchase shares at a price of $10,000 and 
the fair market value of the stock has risen to $15,000. When you 
donate the stock to S.A.C., the Foundation will issue you a tax 
receipt in the amount of $15,000. You will no longer be required 

to pay tax on the $5,000 gain. Previously, 25% of the gain would 
have been taxable. 

We hope this exciting news will encourage you to consider 
making a gift of securities to help provide unique educational 
opportunities for the students of St. Andrew's. Such a gift could 
be part of your annual contribution, support for a capital 
building project, or perhaps a family endowed fund. 

Making a gift this way is easy. Please consult your tax advisor 
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to support the school. 

Please contact Jim Herder at 905-727-3178 x 237 or 

I 1 1 I A N D R E A N 






Forty-nine years ago, almost to the day, I stood on this Quad as a 
member of the St. Andrew's College Highland Cadet Corps. It 
never crossed my mind as I marched and counter-marched that 
afternoon that I might some day be the Reviewing Officer. And I 
suspect that my comrades in the ranks - and Aubrey Holmes, our 
chief instructor - would have thought me a most unlikely prospect 
to do so. Thank you for asking me to be with you today. 1 consider 
it a great honour. And I assure you that it is a very great pleasure. 

1 was a member of #2 Platoon, commanded by my friend 
and classmate Noel Roberts, known officially in those days as 
Roberts Primus. We were both in the Upper Sixth that year, but 
he was the older of the pair and thus Roberts Primus. I became 

Roberts Secondus. 

Noel died four years ago, one of the three from our Graduating 
Class and the eight from the Class of 1957 who have passed on. 
We're celebrating our 50 year reunion. There were only 31 of us 
in the Upper Sixth that year, and so we've combined forces this 
weekend with 1956 so that there are enough of us to make a 
respectable showing. Thirty-two of us are here today, 19 from 
my year and 13 from the Class of 1956. We took dinner together 
last night. We had a wonderful evening, beginning of course with 
the grace that ends "per Jesum Christum Dominum Nostrum". I 
never did learn all of the words, but those five words were the ones 
that counted, because they came just before the meal was served! 

"I've never seen a better 
performance by any cadet corps 
or military unit than that carried 
out here today — There are 455 
Army cadet units in Canada 
today. Most are much younger. 
Only 11 of them are older. 
None is better. " 

As a Lieutenant Governor, and as the Honorary Colonel of the 
Royal Newfoundland Regiment, I am often invited to parades 
and other military events, and I act as the Reviewing Officer 
at several Annual Ceremonial Reviews each year - that's a new 
name for Inspections, in the jargon. They are always well done, 
and often very well done. But I must begin by telling you that 
I've never seen a better performance by any cadet corps or military 
unit than that carried out here today by Cadet Lieutenant Colonel 
Simpson and the other officers and cadets on parade, led by what 
is beyond argument the finest student Pipes and Drums Band 
anywhere. I congratulate every member of the Corps, from the 
Commanding Officer to the most junior private, on their 
accomplishments. You have every right to be proud of yourselves 
today. This Corps, as we know, is 101 years old. There are 455 
Army cadet units in Canada today. Most are much younger. Only 
1 1 of them are older. None is better. 

I shall speak in a moment or two about my own connection 
with the School, but first let me remind you that young 
Newfoundlanders have been coming to St. Andrews from almost 
its very beginning. I am told there are four here this year. Perhaps 
the highwater mark came early in 1972, when Andreans made up 
a full 10% of the Members of Newfoundland's House of Assembly, 




You are a credit to yourselves, 
you are a credit to your families, 
and you are a credit to your 
School - to our School. 

our Legislature. Four of us - James Chalker, John Crosbie, Frank 
Moores and myself - wore the Old Boy's tie. Frank and I - like the 
elephant and the mouse - shared leadership positions: he was 
Premier and I led the Opposition. 

Notwithstanding those links, I was startled - when I began to 
prepare these notes - to realize that this is only the third time I 
have been back to the School since I left in June 1957. But I can 
tell you that although I've only been here twice in half a century, 
there hasn't been a day in those years that the School wasn't with 
me. Had anybody told us 50 years ago that St. Andrew's would 
shape our lives, I would have scoffed at the notion - and every one 
of my classmates would have done so, too. But I can tell you that 
it did, and it does. My years here have had a lasting effect - and 
it has been a beneficial one, I hasten to add. 

It would be foolish of me to tell you that my military career as a 
member of the Cadet Corps was noteworthy. Promotion in those 
days was a consequence of competition: I hope it still is, because it 
should be. I rose to the exalted rank of Corporal in the fall of 1956, 
my last year at the School. I might have made Sergeant, if only 1 
hadn't ordered the platoon 1 was guiding through a drill exercise to 
"Left Wheel" instead of telling them to make a "Right Wheel". My 

friends and classmates heeded the order, and marched straight into 
the wall of the gym in Dunlap Hall (now the Wirth Art Centre). 
Always willing to oblige and to help a comrade in need, they didn't 
even mark time: they just piled atop each other. 

By one means or another, we all learned much at St. Andrews. 
Some of us did well academically, some excelled in sports and 
others learned to lead by becoming officers in the Cadets. Some 
of the knowledge we gained was tested by examinations, but most 
of it has been tested by our lives throughout the years. Those were 
the most valuable lessons of all in my judgement. 

- We learned to accept responsibility for our own actions: we 
answered "adsum" when our name was called. The phrase - 
Toots Garstang, who took on the Herculean task of teaching us 
Latin - means "I am here". I'm told you no longer use it - but 
I'm sure you still answer for your deeds - or your misdeeds. 

- We learned that one must know how to take orders before one 
is fit to give them. 

- We learned the need for discipline, and particularly for self 
discipline - perhaps the most valuable of all qualities. 

- We learned the value of comradeship, and the skills of living 
together, many of us far away from home. 

- And we learned to stand up for ourselves. The magnificent 
prose of the King James Version still resonates: "Watch ye, 
stand fast in the faith, quit you like men, be strong. Let all 
your things be done with charity". It's a mighty watch-word. 

I'm passionately interested in the history of Newfoundland and 
Labrador. Soldiers and sailors are an important part of that 



history, and since coming to Government House I've learned a 
great deal about the role they have played in our past. I cherish 
my appointment as Honorary Colonel of the Royal Newfoundland 
Regiment, a military formation which celebrated its 211th birthday 
ten days ago with a church service and a parade to commemorate 
the Gallipoli campaign. The Newfoundlanders, as a regiment in the 
British Army, were the only North American unit to fight there, 
alongside the Australians and the New Zealanders of the famed 
ANZAC Corps and several British regiments. The Newfoundlanders 
won imperishable glory on the 1st of July 1916, the first day of the 
Battle of the Somme, at a small French hamlet named Beaumont 
Hamel. Eight hundred of them attacked that morning: 68 were 
able to answer the roll call the next day. Two months later, the 
Newfoundlanders were back in the front line, in the Ypres Salient. 
Their neighbours were Canadians. That was the first time soldiers 
from the two Dominions fought side-by-side since the Royal 
Newfoundland Regiment of 

I've learned, too, that Canada's Armed Forces are a superb group 
of professional, dedicated men and women. They deserve the 
support of every one of us. And I am happy to be able to say that 
more and more Canadians are standing up to say so. Most of you 
on parade today will choose careers other than the Armed 
Forces. But I say to those who will "follow the Colours" that it is 
an honourable way to live one's life, and to serve your fellow 

Thank you again for giving me the honour of being with you 
today. There's no military performance as glorious as that of a 
Highland Regiment marching well, with pipes playing and drums 
beating. You've added lustre to the laurels won by all the young 
men who have marched in the ranks of this Corps over its century- 
long history. You are a credit to yourselves, you are a credit to your 
families, and you are a credit to your School - to our School. 

Let me close with a traditional invocation of my fellow 

Newfoundlanders, a people who 

Fencibles came to Upper 

have been bred to the sea. The 

Canada in the War of 1812-14. 

■ A 

foremost sail on a schooner, as 

In recent years, many 

%£lf Mm 

many of you will know, is the 

thousands of my fellow 

W -Mk m { \m. ^ 

jib. And when we want to wish a 

Newfoundlanders and 

friend a good voyage, with fair 

Labradorians have volunteered 

r_ mm 

winds and a safe harbour, we 

for the Canadian Forces. I am 

L^n^E9 '^n 

say "long may your big jib draw". 

told that somewhere between 15 

And so I say to you today, "long 

to 20 percent of the men and 

m. ^» m « 

may your big jib draw". H 

women serving in overseas 

m -^k^v^^W 

Thank you, 

deployments today have family 

^■l 1 ^B^l ^v^ 1 H ^H^i .^^^fl 

connections with our province. 


V- M m 


THE AN D RE AN | 35 

A Tradition of Achievement 

Take the time to explore your options, 

and join us for an upcoming OPEN HOUSE. 

We look forward to meeting you. 

Open Houses: 

Saturday, November 25, 2006 
10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 

Thursday, February 1, 2007 
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

Thursday, March 29, 2007 
7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. 

Entrance Scholarship Exam; 

Saturday, November 11, 2006 
9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 

For more information on our 
entrance scholarships or to 
arrange a tour, please contact 
the Admission Office at 
(905) 727-3178 ext. 303 

W^ 3 ^ 


St. Andrew' 


15800 Yonge Street 
Aurora, Ontario 





Total success 


CAPTi >or, Rick Reininger '73, Ricky Reininger '04 and Taylor Irving '0 


mat measant Kunuoiiumi 
for the Annual SAG. Association Golf Tournament. This year's 

proceeds of nearly $10,000 will continue to support mam of the 
Association's social and athletic events, as well as special Associa'- 
awards for our current students throughout the academic year. 

This year's tournament welcomed Old Boys. Parents. Faculty, 
New Parents and Friends: who all enjoyed a spectacular day of 
golf followed by a terrific outdoor BBQ. 

This year's winners included the foursome Mike Thompson, 
Rick Reininger 73. Ricky Reininger '04 and Taylor Irving '04 
(with a score of 60), Dan Slock for Closest to the Pin. and Trevor 
Biasi for Longest Drive. 

Thanks to all of our sponsors and golf participants. Special 
thanks to Brian McKague '93 and all the Association members 
who made this day a true celebration of the Vndrean spirit. 
Hope to see you all next year. Watch for details in your upcot 
alumni newsletters and mi our S.A.C. website, 

s. Mark llealv 

VON Corporation, C. A Sandy Munro 70 

Aurora & Newmarket Toyota, Magdi Nil h 

Campus Shop 

CI PC Wood Gundy, Brian McKague '93 and Steve Creber '90 

Colliers International, Jim Mcintosh. Mark Stainer 

Dundee Wealth Management, Jim McClocklin '66 

Etherington Generations, Mark '92 and Paul '95 Etheringion 

G.F. Thompson Co. Ltd.. David Dunlap '56 

Investors Group, Marj Birkett 


arke Addison '08 

Alexander Addison '00 

Merkel Enterprises, David Merkel '82 


New I J i. e, Sean McGrath '93 

NorseRidge Farm, Jason LaMarche-Hunderup "98 

Parkers Cleaners, -loo Morin 
>■ McNeelj 

(iord Birkett '01 
Smith Smith 

Silver Laki 

1 nialil 

Wilson Niblett I John Wilson 

Brickman 72 

St. Andrew's College hosted another successful Middle School 
Arts Day on May 9th, exposing students in Grades 6, 7 and 8 to 
an impressive array of talented artists. 

Fifteen artists from around Ontario spent the day at St. 
Andrew's sharing their outstanding expertise in their particular 
mediums. Each student chose different workshops to attend 
throughout the day, and all were taught new and exciting 
techniques and ideas. 

We were fortunate to have 
three Old Boys attend, who are 
part of a group of artists called 
These artists became friends 
while at St. Andrew's College in 

the 80's, where they discovered their common love for landscape 
painting. Gord Kemp's workshop was titled "Land Art and Earth 
Works". Kemp '88 enjoys creating sculptures using natural 
materials found outdoors. He has been inspired by Britain's 
naturalist sculptor, Andy Goldsworthy, who he introduced to the 
students through a documentary. Gord took the students outside 
and taught them how to build structures using natural organic 

materials. These sculptures were photographed ancWB^^^ 
enjoyed by all. Paul Mantrop '87 enjoys working outdoors as 
well. He demonstrated to the students his love of art and his 
developed skills in landscape painting. His paintings are 
compelling and dynamic and his approach to his work was 
powerfully displayed to the students. Chris Roberts' '87 
approach to painting was very different than that of his friends. 
His session was titled "Abstract Expressionism", and left the 

These funky artists posted the event on their 
and were excited about their first workshop. 

students feeling free about their art and certainly left the art 
room in quite a mess! The students created large pieces of art 
using acrylic paints and even used their hands and feet. The 
students were excited to see fellow Andreans pursuing their love 
of art as a career. 

Other artists included Raine Davis who demonstrated how to 
create sculptural wind chimes made out of wire and found 

\ N [> R I A N | 38 


objects. Katherine Laco exposed the students to three 
dimensional sculptures using clay. The Monster Factory was 
quite popular, where the students designed and created plush 
monsters. These funky artists posted the event on their blog: and were excited 
about their first workshop. 

Other two dimensional artists were Elizabeth Gibson 
(pastels), Susan Johnston (Extreme Drawing), Merv Richardson 
(watercolours), John Pryce (oils), and Nancy Wilson (life 
drawing). The Messy Hands school bus spent the day in the 
Rogers Hall parking lot where 3D paintings were produced. 
Beautiful masterpieces were created in Ceramics with artist 
Michele Greenwood-Clayton and in the Ukrainian eggs class with 

Paula Doyle. Another favourite workSBp was Don Chretien 
demonstrating his advanced Photoshop skills. Overall, all 
sessions were hands-on, fun and exciting for everyone. A big 
thank you goes to all artists for sharing their talents once again 
on this remarkable day. 

Many grandparents joined us in the afternoon for the first 
Grandparent's Day at St. Andrew's College. They toured the 
classrooms, met the artists and watched their grandsons ere 
amazing works of art. Many thanks to Ted and Jane Staunton 
who closed the day with a beautiful tea for all of the 
grandparents and artists in their home. 


. N D R E AN | 39 



passed away peacefully on June 23rd, 2005 
leaving his wife Erie, and sons Donald and 
Ian. George attended the School from 1920 
to 1926 when it was located in Rosedale. 
His brother Grant also attended the school 
in that final year in Toronto. In 2004, 
George kindly donated many of his photos 
from his school days in Toronto to the 
S.A.C. Archives. 

passed away on March 7th, 2005 within 
hours of his wife of 66 years Mary Elizabeth 
McLean, and just a few months before his 
brother George '27. He attended the 
school in Rosedale for a year 1925-26 and, 
like his brother, did not follow St. Andrew's 
north to Aurora. He leaves a son Robert 
[Bob] '61 and two daughters and their 
children and grandchildren. 

known to all as "Langton" - passed away in 
Morrisburg, ON after a brief illness on 
April 12th, 2006. He was 86. He was the 
loving father of Judith Johnson of Bradford, 
NH, Peter of Whitehorse, YK, David of 
Morrisburg, Charles and Laurie, both of 
Toronto. Langton received a bachelor 
degree at the University of Guelph 
Agricultural College. He was a retired 
accounting clerk and worked for 24 years at 
CIL/Dupont. His daughter Judith wrote us: 
"He had many wonderful stories about St. 
Andrews, and in his home office, where he 
sat every day until he went into the hospital 
last fall, he kept a very fine picture of 
himself in full Scottish regalia taken at the 
School. He appeared to be about 12, n 
a bit older, when the picture was taken." 


passed away at home, surrounded by his 
loving family. He leaves behind his beloved 
wife and companion of 57 years, Katy 
(Cochran) and their three children: 
David '70, Robert Everett and Sarah 
(Jim Kissick). His love, sincere interest 
and caring nature will be greatly missed 
by his grandchildren. Ruli's qualities of 
compassion, optimism and humour, as 
well as his engaging stories will be sadly 
missed. He grew up in Toronto, attended 
The University of Toronto, was a tank 
commander in WWII, played for the 
Argonauts, owned and operated his 
construction company for 25 years and 
contributed greatly to the community 
in Canmore, Alberta before moving back 
east to be closer to his family in his 
final years. In memoriam gifts to The 
Sunnybrook Foundation - The Janet 
Grass Fund, would be appreciated. 

vo step daughters Lisa and Nancy. He 
was predeceased by his daughter, artist 
Lynn Donoghue. 

attended st. Andrew's College from 1. 
and was the Pipe Major and played both 
first football and senior rugby. 

died in Montreal on April 17th, 2001. 
He was a graduate of McGill University 
in Commerce, class of 1947. 

passed away May 9th, 2006. "Many times 
during his illness he quoted 'Quit 
Ye Like Men, Be Strong'. And he was! 
He was also extremely proud to have 
been an Andrean, some of the happiest 
days of his life. Graham left St. Andrew's 
in 1944 to join the RCAF where he 
received his wings and commission. 
Never losing his love of flying he went 
on to the University of Toronto and 
graduated in Engineering (mining). Ho 
was C.E.O. of construction, equipment 
and manufacturing companies in Canada 
and the U.S. He piloted his own plane 
until he was 70, went around the world 
on a container ship at 74 and skied until 
he was 77!" Graham leaves his wife 
Jacqueline, his daughter Barbara and his 

passed away in Calgary after a long illness 
on May 22nd, 2006. He leaves his wife 
Sheila, and five children and their families 
Harry spent just a year at St. Andrew's 
from 1942-43 and was remembered for his 
athletic ability. Following football careers 
with McGill University and the University 
of Alberta Golden Bears, he was a member 
of the Grey Cup winning Calgary 
Stampeders in 1948. He had a long and 
most successful business career after 
founding, with his brothers, Irving Wire 
Products Corporation in 1953, and he 
served on the boards of a number of major 
Canadian Corporations. 


died in September 2005 of a heart attack. 
At his request his ashes were scattered at 
the entrance to Sydney [Australia] 
harbour. A lifelong bachelor, Tony was well 
known to members of the alumni staff at 
the school as he constantly wrote us about 
his beloved homeland. It was rare that a 
month went by without a package of 
newspaper clippings arriving "to help 
educate the boys" about Australia. 

died on December 26th, 2005, in his 56th 
year. A devoted husband, father and son, a 
gifted artist, and a major contributor to the 
community, Jay touched the lives of many. 
He leaves his wife Brenda. children 
Heather, Anne and Thomas, and parents 
John and Sonya Scott, lie was predeceased 
by his brother John (Robin) Scotl '68. Jaj 
was a mentor and friend to many, 
including Burlington Youth Soccer. 
Community Living Toronto, Burlington 
Potters' Guild, family and friends. He 

died in London, (J.\ 
on August 31st, 2006, 
in his 33rd year 
following a battle 
with cancer. He 
leaves his wife, Jeannie, son Justin, his 
parents Sabina Stone and John Watts, his 
sister Shari Williams and brother-in-law 
Jason Williams 1)1. Jamie left his mark at 
St. Andrew's in many ways. Academically he 
was very strong, "fast-tracking" through the 
College and then attending McGill 
University where he graduated with a 
B.Com. in 1996. Outside the classroom he 
was active in sports, debated for the College 
in interscholastic competitions, and was an 
officer in the cadets corps. He really left his 
mark in the area of dramatics, where he was 
the lead in two school musicals, and was 
involved in the production of other pla 


died at the age of 92, on March 1st. 
in Duncan, B.C. He leaves his wife 
Margaret. Alan taught Mathematics and 
Science at St. Andrew's from 1942-49 and 
was Housemaster of Memorial House 
from 1943-48. Following S.A.C he headed 
west to British Columbia where he was a 
Professor of Chemist rj at the Canadian 
Services College. Royal Roads. During his 
time at St. Andrew's he became grt 
friends with thirty-one year veteran 

loodman who taught 
Chemistry from 1919-1950. and was well 
known as a cricket coach. In 1996 Dr. 

nell created an endowed fund with 
the SAC. Foundation In create The 
Harry E. Goodman Memorial Prize for 
Hence in Physics and Chemist 

which is awarded annual!] Day. 


passed away peacefully in Mountain Lea 
Lodge, Bridgetown, NS in his 93rd year, on 
July 12th, 2006. Bob was predeceased by his 
wife of 67 years, Margaret Allison 
McFadden, and is survived by his children, 
David (Jen Lock), Lee '64 (Jackie 
Retzlaff), and Jan (Janet Larkman). Bob's 
early life was a vibrant mixture of 
academics and athletics. He obtained his 
B.A. in English in 1935, played varsity 
football for U of T 1933-35, was captain in 
1934 and was the first recipient of the 
"Johnny Copp Trophy" in 1935. Bob was 
quarterback of the Toronto Argonauts in 

1936, 1940, and 1941. In 1946, he obtained 
an honours degree in English along with his 
Teacher's Certificate. From 1936 to 1954, he 
taught English, French, History, and Phys- 
Ed at North Toronto Collegiate Institute. 
During World War II, from 1942 to 1945, he 
was a Flying Officer with Pilots Wings. From 
1954 to 1958, Bob taught both English and 
French and was head of U of Ts Extension 
Department responsible for adult 
education. In 1958, he became Headmaster 
of St. Andrew's College, where he served 
with distinction until retirement in 1974. 
During his tenure at the U of T Extension 

and St. Andrew's he attended educational 
conferences in Wales, Nassau, Athens, 
Georgia, Montreal and the Dominican 
Republic. The culmination of his career was 
June 1, 1972, when it was conferred upon 
him the degree of Doctor of Letters from 
York University. Bob was an avid curling 
skip, good canoeist, and not-so-patient 
fisherman! He will be remembered by his 
quiet, gentle manner and his love of the 
Bay of Fundy. Donations in his memory 
would be welcomed to the Palliative Care 
Department of Mountain Lea Lodge, 
Bridgetown, NS BOS ICO. 

\ N r> R l A N | 42 




Warren Soper has lived in Canmore, 
Alberta since 1998, where he is Chairman 
of Calmont Leasing Ltd. At 87 years of age, 
Warren is still pursuing his hobbies of golf, 
oil painting and fishing. He's an avid 
bonefisherman in the Bahamas and has 
represented Canada in fishing at the 
Commonwealth Championships in 
Australia, England, and at the World's 
Championships in Sweden. Warren hopes 
to visit St. Andrew's in the near future. 


Ian Wishart travelled to France to help 
commemorate the 90th anniversary of the 
First Newfoundland Regiment's battle at 
Beaumont Hamel on July 1st, 1916. Ian is 
also a former Padre of the Royal 
Newfoundland Regiment and the retired 
minister of St. Andrew's Presbyterian 
Church in St. John's. Attending as well 
were five other Andreans - the Hon. 
Edward Roberts '57, Lieutenant Governor 
of Newfoundland and Labrador, his 
son-in-law Ivan Lavrence '87, John 
Crosbie '49, Chancellor of Memorial 
University in St. John's, Tom Munn '50, 
and Jim Herder '64. (Please see 'From 
the Editor' on the back page of this issue.) 

Jake Omstead's grandson Houston Meuser, 
younger brother of Greg Meuser '98, joined 
St. Andrew's this fall and is in grade 9. 


David Rea is pictured with his first 
grandchild David Francis Rea, born on 
March 6, 2006 to David's son John, and 
his wife Bridget. 


BUI YuUl was honoured by the University 
of Lethbridge at their annual Spring 
Convocation. Chancellor of the University, 
Shirley DeBow, awarded Bill with an 
Honorary Doctor of Laws degree. 


Klaus Wieghardt (below left) reports 
that he met Claus Eversbusch '58 for 

brunch in May in Switzerland. They had 
not seen each other for fifty years. 

Thor Eaton and his wife Nicole have 
joined the New Century Founders of the 
Royal Ontario Museum with an exceptional 
gift of $5 million towards the renewal of 
the Signy & Cleophee Eaton Theatre and 
the Eaton Gallery of Rome. 


David Stollmeyer has retired and lives in 
Glen Ellen and Tiburon, California, just an 
hour north of San Francisco. He recently 
welcomed two new grandchildren, his first. 
His children, Allison and Michael both live 
and work in the Bay Area and "if any of my 
former troublesome classmates are in the 
area", he would love to see them. 


Malcolm Black and his wife Gretchen 
have started an exciting new venture in the 
antiques and collectibles business located 
at The Beaumont Mill on Main Street in 
Glen Williams, Ontario. 


John Barker is enjoying retirement in 
Elliot Lake, ON. He is president of the 
Institute for Learning in Retirement, 
which is an all volunteer organisation that 
provides inexpensive classes in subjects 
of interest to retirees such as French, 
Spanish, Tai Chi, knitting, computers, 
map reading and wilderness survival, 
creative writing, Geology and more. 


(1-r) John Housser '68, Michael Woolnough 
'65 and Mike Perley '65 help celebrate 
Michael's 60th surprise birthday party. 




Ren Henderson '65 gave the tribute and 
other Andreans in attendance included 
Tom Hays '60, David Love '65 and Jim 
Herder '64 

Michael Perley has directed the Ontario 
Campaign for Action on Tobacco for many 
years. He was primarily responsible for 
guiding the effort that created Ontario's 
anti-smoking laws, which went into effect 
in May 2006. He has spent over thirty 
years working on enviromental and 
health related causes. 


Jim McClocklin sold Harrington Lane 
and is now the Executive Vice President 
with Dundee Wealth Management in 


[1-r] Michael Jones '02, his father 
Robert '67, with second son Richard who 
graduated from The International 
School of Caracas, Venezuela in June. 
Robert continues in the insurance 
brokerage business in Venezuela and 
as well is now President of the Harris 
Group of Companies, headquartered in 
Barbados. Following the recent 
acquisition of Brandram Henderson in 
Jamaica, they operate throughout the 
English speaking Caribbean. Robert 
continues as Chairman of the Board of 
The International School of Caracas. 


Andy Ballard became a Fellow of 
the College of Family Physicians of 
Canada in November of 2004. He 
recently moved his office to a new 
location in St. Thomas, closer to the 

industrial area. Andy works as both a 
Family Physician and an Occupational 
Physician. Some of his clients include 
the Corporation of the City of St. Thomas, 
Sterling Trucks and two factories of the 
Cosma Division of Magna International 
Head Office, which is located quite close 
to St. Andrew's. 


Gordon Hawke's son John joined St. 
Andrew's this fall in grade 9. 


Tony Chang continues as Managing 
Director of Ascot Chang Co. Ltd. 
"Gentlemen's Shirtmakers" with stores 
in Hong Kong, New York, Beverly Hills, 
Shanghai and Manila. 

Raymond Leung is CEO of C & L 

Holdings Company Ltd., and C & L 
China Business Consultancy Ltd. 
Based in Hong Kong, Raymond has 
been travelling in mainland China where 
he has a number of interests. 


Peter McLean lives in Peterborough and 
operates a Real Estate Advisory company 
with offices in Peterborough and Ottawa. He 
is an accredited appraiser with the Appraisal 
Institute of Canada. When not working, he 
spends time with his wife Kari, and their two 
children Drew and Megan. He is Chair of the 
Peterborough Lakefield Police Services 
board and Chair of the Peterborough Lindsay 
Appraisal Institute chapter. 


Cliff Sifton's son C.J. joined St. Andrew's 
this fall for grade 6. 


Steve Hiscox recently joined TD 
Cornerstone Commercial Realty Inc. as 
VP and Director where he will continue to 

focus his efforts on the seniors' housing 
industry. He lives in Aurora with his wife 
Elaine and their children. 

David Mair and his wife Kim welcomed 
their daughter Gabrielle, a sister for Isaac 
and Abigail, on March 22, 2006. 


(1-r) Jim Herder '64 with Barton Wong 
'79, Jane Staunton, Wai Wai Wong and 
Headmaster Ted Staunton in Hong Kong. 
A great turnout of 60 Old Boys attended 
the Hong Kong Pub Night in March. 

Scott Rowntree's son Connor joined St. 
Andrew's this fall and is in grade 6. 


Eduardo Nouel has recently switched 
positions in Asesoria y Logistica Integral, 
C.A. from Administrative Director to 
General Director. 

Andrew Paterson was recently appointed 
President of Recreational Sports for 
Naturosports SAS, France. 

Glenn Stanley-Paul is Senior Vice 
President of Client Services at AGLC Inc., 
an advertising agency in Toronto. 

Christopher Walker and his wife Karolyn 
Dobbin have a daughter Allison, aged 
eight. They moved to Port Perry, Ontario 
in January 2006 where Karolyn joined a 
medical practice and Christopher works as 
an independent fundraising consultant. 





Chris Ball and Kriste Sills welcomed 
their first child, Cirrus Harry Neville Ball. 
He was born a month early on March 23, 
2006 in Halifax, weighing in at 61bs. 4oz. 

Ken Marshall and his wife Sana and their 
son Tyler visited St. Andrew's during 
March break. Ken owns Country Lane 
Golf Club in Port Colborne, ON. 

The Fred Omstead Theatre Arts Award was 
presented for the first time on Prize Day 
to honour his memory. Fred was Head 
Prefect of the class of 1981 and is fondly 
remembered for his dedication, warmth, 
resolve, humour and love of people, theatre 
and acting. He would be happy to know 
that students' lives are being enriched with 
the strong arts program at S.A.C. This new 
award has been endowed through generous 
donations from Fred's classmates, family 
and friends. Attending the ceremony and 
representing the class of 1981 were (1-r) 
Bruce Huggins, Stuart Smith, Ross 
Morrow, Richard MacDonald and David 
Lawrence. The award was presented for 
the first time by Gregory Meuser '98 who 
was Fred's nephew. 

Stephen Wong is Managing Director 
and Architect with the Edward Wong 
Development Co. Ltd. in Shanghai. With 
five young sons, Stephen and his wife Lisa 

have a very busy life! His brother Barton 
79 continues as Managing Director of the 
firm in Hong Kong. 


John Yuill was featured in a National 
Post article in November 2005 chronicling 
his travels 1,000 kilometres northeast of 
Moscow. The Post wrote "armed with an 
MBA and an adventuresome spirit, John's 
work takes him into distant parts of Russia 
and Indonesia. As an advisor to small and 
medium-sized businesses, he was working 
under an international development 
project to help business connect with 
the global economy." 


Nils Clausen works as the General Manager 
for Global Healthcare Exchange (Canada) 
Inc. in Missisauga. He lives with his wife 
and two children in Caledon, ON and 
welcomes contact with fellow Andreans. 


Mark Hawley (above) is Building Project 
Manager for all new building facilities at 
the mammoth Hong Kong Airport. He is 
currently working on a second terminal, 
the Sky Plaza, a $2 billion HK project. 

David McKee is Chief Operating Officer 
of the Institue of Corporate Directors in 


Paul Keating runs the Keating Sales 
Agency "partnering great products 
with great retailers". 

Richard Costley-White and Caitlin 
announce the birth of their son Jeremy 
Julian Blackburn on August 13, 2006 in 
Toronto. Jeremy is a little brother for 
Nathanial, 2. 

Matthew Ko is Executive Director of 
Maunsell Environmental Management 
Consultants Ltd. in Hong Kong. 


James Austin with his wife Becky and 
their children Meta and Thomas visited 
the school early last summer. James is a 
patent lawyer and lives with his family in 
Oakland, California. 

Jamie Comfort is manager of Baldwins 
Steak House and Bar on Wellington 
Street in Aurora. Jamie has been in the 
restaurant business for over fifteen years. 

Peter Dickson lives in Sweden where he 
teaches an I.B. English course at a top 
high school in Gothenburg. 

Garth Hadley purchased Coast Range 
Contracting Ltd. on October 31, 2005. It 
was started in 1973, and is one of the 
oldest reforestation companies in Canada. 
Garth has contracts in Southern BC and 
Vancouver Island and has been involved 
in the tree-planting business since 1988. 
He lives with his wife Paola Sartori at 
Predator Ridge Golf Course in Vernon, BC. 

Ian Hayman moved to Tokyo, Japan in April 
with ADEXA, a leader in innovative 
management corporate solutions. His son 
Luc will attend a French school, while his 



daughter Chloe will probably go to Japanese 
school until a spot opens up at the French 
school. His youngest son, Elio will explore 
Japan with his mom, Anne-Frangoise. 

Oliver Huls is the Controller at Ameresco 
Canada in North York and has been on 
the board of Epilepsy Ontario as either 
Treasurer or President for the last ten 
years. He enjoys coaching his kids' hockey 
and soccer teams. He and Jamie Parker 
'86 play hockey together on Friday 
mornings in North York. 

Warren MacLeod moved from Scotland 
to Victoria, BC this past summer. He still 
runs and enjoys the 
west country. 

Scott McDonald continues to run the 
global corporate and investment banking 
consulting businesses for Mercer Oliver 
Wyman from London. He spends his spare 
time managing an independent 
non-fiction book publishing company, 
Corvo Books with his English wife Julia. He 
and Julia have a little girl Ines, who is 2. 

Ricardo Nouel is working at Delray 
Motors in Delray Beach, Florida. 

Stephen Pitel is in his sixth year of 
teaching law at the University of Western 
Ontario. He has recently edited Litigating 
Conspiracy: An Analysis of Competition 
Class Actions, published by Irwin Law. He 
co-wrote a study for the Insurance Bureau 
of Canada on the impact of recent legal 
developments on liability insurance and 
provided pro bono legal assistance to 
MADD Canada as an intervener in a social 
host liability case heard by the Supreme 
Court of Canada in January. 


Rob Armstrong is working at Pritchard 
Dieseltech in Manitoba as a Technical 
Sales Representative. 

Scott Armstrong and his wife Kelly 
announce the birth of their son, Jonathon 

Robert, on May 24, 2005, a brother for 
Kate and Jill. Scott also recently joined 
The Hive Strategic Marketing Inc., an 
experiential marketing firm, as an 
Account Manager. 

Conrad Bona writes "Yasmina and I are 
elated to annouce the birth of our first 
child, a son, on August 29, 2006. Tristan 
Alexandre Bona was born in Tokyo, 
Japan, weighing 3.41 kgs and was 49 cms 
long. Yasmina is well and Tristan is very 
healthy, or "genki" as the Japanese say. 
Unfortunately, Tristan will not have an 
opportunity to learn any Japanese as we 
are scheduled to be transferred back to 
London before the end of the year." 
Conrad is a lawyer with Baker & 
McKenzie LLP. 

Simon Murfitt married Ginnie Fenning 
on June 3, 2006 in Steep, Hampshire, 
England. In attendance was fellow 
Andrean, classmate and best man Conrad 
Bona '87. Ginnie is a physician and 
Simon continues to practice law with 
Norton Rose in Hong Kong. 


St. Andrew's Chaplain Rev. Bruce Roffey 
officiated at a service of baptism held 
in the St. Andrew's College Memorial 
Chapel in May. Baptized were the 
children of Oliver '88 and Julie Herbst, 
Lila Jacqueline; John '88 and Lindsay 
Lorimer, Andrew Iain Burry; Wallace '88 
and Victoria Watson, Daniel Alexander 
Watson, and Brad '90 and Amy Archdekin, 
Devon Robert Riley. This was a repeat 
performance from when the four Old 
Boys had their first children baptised in 
January 2004. See the Spring 2004 issue 
of the Andrean! 

Peter Kee has left the banking industry 
to join his brother George '85 in creating 
two new businesses. George is CEO and 
Peter the General Manager of The Box 
Storage, and Rixon Logistics Limited 
which imports and distributes Canadian 
food products in Hong Kong. 

Adam Neal joined Thomson Financial 
located in Toronto in March 2006. 

Wallace Watson and Victoria announce 
the birth of Daniel Alexander on 
November 13, 2005, a brother for Wallace, 
3. Wallace owns and operates Watson I.T. 
Partners and is currently implementing 
an electronic patient assessment tool for 
the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long 
Term Care. 

Ken Wong is a solicitor and a partner with 
Cheng, Wong, Lam & Partners, Lawyers in 
Hong Kong, with alliances in Beijing and 
Shanghai. Ken and his wife Susan have a 
daughter, Heather, who is four. 


Mark Atkins and wife Sarah are excited 
to announce the birth of Madeline Renata 
Atkins on Thursday, May 25, 2006, a sister 
for Connor. 

David Bradfield and his wife Karyn are 
thrilled to announce the birth of Nicole 
Mary on July 14th, 2006, a sister for their 
two year old daughter Marley Laura. 

Adam Long and wife Amy welcomed twins 
George and Emma born on February 21, 
2006. Adam is with J.P. Morgan Securities 
in Hong Kong. 

Michael Weider is the founder and chief 
technology officer of Watchfire. The 
company sells software and services that 
ensure the security and compliance of 
corporate websites. Michael lives with his 
family in the Ottawa area. 






Alejandro Cardenas (right) visited the 
school in May for the first time in twenty 
years. He and his wife Fernanda 
welcomed their second daughter Isabel in 
2005. A little sister for brother Diego and 
sister Maria. Alejandro is an Intellectual 
Property Lawyer in Mexico City. At left is 
their host, classmate Alex Stein. 

Alistair Cowper visited the school in 
August from his home in Grand Cayman 
Islands. He went there fresh from law 
school in England ten years ago "and 
never left". Alistair is a Compliance 
Officer with Goldman Sachs (Cayman) 
Trust, Limited in George Town. 

Trevor Golding is a Paralegal at 
International General Practice Law 
firm Dorsey & Whitney LLP based in 

Jamie Graham visited the school this 
summer while on a short visit to Canada. 
Jamie, his wife Suzanne and daughter 
Lilly moved recently to Dubai where he 
is Commercial Director for Fairs and 
Exhibitions (1992) Limited. 

Shane Manning graduated from the 
University of Western Ontario with a BSc 
in 1996. Shane joined Darren Katie '92 

in his oil ventures and is currently a Vice 
President with Pacific Energy Resources 
Ltd. in Long Beach, California. 

Michael Mills is a senior account executive 
for the Bank of Montreal in Toronto. 

Don Price (above) married Alba Valletta 
on Saturday April 1st, 2006, in Oakville, 
ON. The families and friends who came 
from all over Canada and the United 
States were joined that day by S.A.C. 
classmates Cory Oliver and Brad 
Archdekin. Don and Alba also received 
good wishes from S.A.C. Alumni, Chris 
Tullis '89, Ed Bowen '90, & old Mac 
House roommate Renny Monaghan 
'90. Don is currently working for The 
Hershey Company as the Customer Sales 
Executive responsible for the Specialty 
Channel Nationally. 

Michael Smith works for Aviawest 
Resorts as the Sales Production Manager. 
He has also started a side project named 
Planavision Consulting which concentrates 
on event management and consulting. He 
enjoys playing golf as well as volunteering 
in his local community at CHLY 101.7 in 
Nanaimo, BC as a playlist and production 

(1-r) Andrew Wilson '96, United Kingdom 
Branch President John Morgan '86, 
Marcus Yang '90 and Ian Davidson '91 
with Jim Herder '64 in London, England 
in July. 

Jamie Biggar has moved back to Toronto 
and is working for Citigroup Global 
Markets in its Investment Banking 
Division after six years in England. 

Robert Cosentini is working at La Gondola 
Banquet & Catering in Concord, Ontario 
which is owned and operated by the 
Cosentini Family. 

Hugo Jeffrey and Andrea announce the 
birth of twin boys, William and Hayden, 
on March 20, 2006 in Newmarket. Little 
brothers for Ava and Charlotte. 

Sean Ralph and his wife Cindy welcomed 
their third child Alaina on April 21, 2006. 
Alaina is a sister for Owen, 2, and Erin, 3. 
Sean is a lawyer and is currently working 
in Calgary for the Oil Sands Legal group 
at Shell Canada, which he says is a "very 
exciting and busy place to be these days". 

Ian Rogers and Randa Ball welcomed 
their son Bryce on May 29, 2006. Bryce is 
the grandson of Dem Rogers '59. 

Steve Skovhoj and Susan announce the 
birth of their son Owen Jens on June 13, 
2005. Steve has also recently started a 
business, Envy Irrigation, which supplies 
and installs commercial and residential 
irrigation and lawn sprinkler systems. 

Mark Umphrey is a professional performer 
in music theatre, and in 1992 played the 
lead in the original cast of the musical 
Spirit of a Nation, which toured every 
province and Territory in Canada and parts 
of the U.S. During the tour he performed 
alongside Canadian celebs Celine Dion, 
Roch Voisine, Rita MacNeil and David 
Foster and was televised several times 
whilst performing in the Canada Day 
celebrations on Parliament Hill in front of 
an audience of 800,000. He then studied at 
Sheridan College and graduated with 
honours from their renowned Music 
Theatre Programme. In 1998, he joined 
Sunquest Cruise Lines which took him all 




over the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. 
He was fortunate enough to work with 
several choreographers from London's West 
End. In 2000, he relocated to London 
where he landed the role of Ritchie Valens 
in the hit West End musical Buddy: The 
Buddy Holly Story. He toured with the 
musical in Europe until mid-2001 at which 
point he decided to take a hiatus from the 
nomadic lifestyle of acting and is currently 
screenwriting as well as studying film 
directing. He is also honing his financial, 
managerial and business skills in a 
financial management position within 
Accenture in London. 

Elyot Waller is working as a lawyer in 
Vernon, BC for Davidson and Company 
Lawyers. It is a leading Okanagan Valley 
law firm which focuses on business, real 
estate and intellectual property matters. 

Alex Zachos and Voula welcome their 
daughter Johanna Athanasia, a sister for 
George and Chloe, on June 23, 2006. 


Capt. Allan Best has been called on 
active duty in Afghanistan and is 
participating in pre-deployment training 
at Gagetown, followed by CFB Wainwright 
likely before Christmas. He will retain his 
48th Highlander badging as an Officer but 
has been attached to 2nd Battalion Royal 
Canadian Regiment (RCR) and will head 
to Afghanistan in February. 

Mark Etherington and his wife Katie are 
thrilled to announce the birth of their son 
Brian John Etherington, born on 
September 3, 2006. 

Brock Whalley (above) and Krista Vriend 
were married at the St. Andrew's College 
Chapel on August 20, 2005. Wedding party 
included best man Mark Umphrey '91 and 
groomsman Scott Davidson '91, as well as 
bridesmaid Kate Rogers (sister of Ian 
Rogers '91). Other Andreans in attendance 
were Julian Hall '96, Marco Jones '91, 
Ashley Newall '91, Steve Skovhoj '91, 
Jamie Watts '92, Jason Williams '91, and 
Ben Woo '91. Brock and Krista moved to 
Vancouver, BC in late 2005, and welcome 
hearing from any fellow Andreans who find 
themselves on the west coast. 

Ryan Windeler and Georgia announce the 
birth of their daughter Reagen, on March 
30, 2006 in Newmarket. 

Darren Katie married Miliana on August 
19, 2006 at Bacara Resort in Santa 
Barbara, California. Darren's brother 
Robb '90 was his best man, Andy Kawai 
'92 a groomsman and Shane Manning '90 
attended. Darren graduated from the 
University of Southern California in 1996 
with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. 
He has spent his career as an oil 
professional focusing on finance and 
business development. In 1997, he joined 
Nations Energy Group and worked in 
Kazakhstan for 18 months on the 
completion of the company's privatization 
of a state owned Oil Company. In 1999 he 
founded PetroCal Incorporated, an 
independent oil and gas company based 
in Southern California. He served as the 
company's President for 5 years, during 
which time oil production went from zero 

to over 400 barrels per day. In August 2004 
PetroCal and its shareholders agreed to 
merge with Pacific Energy, and in July 
2005 Darren was elected to the board of 
Directors and appointed as company 

(1-r) Shane Manning '90. Darren and 
Robb Katie '90, at the listing of Pacific 
Energy Resources on the Toronto Stock 
Exchange in June. 

Ian Michael married Sarah Facey on 
October 15, 2005 near London, ON. 
Brothers David '94 and Andrew '96 were 
groomsmen while Paul Arhanic '92 was 
best man. Other Andreans in attendance 
included Will McGuigan '94, Ryan 
McNally '93, and Jeff Lewis '95. Ian 
works with McCarthy Tetrault, but has 
recently taken an 8-month secondment 
with Take-over Bid Team at the Ontario 
Securities Commission. 

Albert Poon continues as a Senior 
Architect with DLN Architects & 
Engineers [H.K.] Ltd. in Hong Kong. 

Christian Stein joined 180 
Communications, a top international 
advertising agency based in Amsterdam, 
as an Account Director in March 2006. 

Jackie Yeung and his wife Doris 
welcomed their daughter Natalie on July 
19, 2006 weighing in at 6.1 lbs. 





Steve Heron opened Heron 
Communications Group in April 2006 
which provides integrated brand 
communications services. A member of 
the SA.C. Association Council, Steve lives 
with his wife Amy and son Jackson in 
Waterloo, ON. 

(1-r) Francis Ka, Jim Herder '64, Eugene 

Ka '93 and Headmaster Staunton at the 
offices of RBC Dominion Securities in 
Hong Kong, where Francis is President 
and a Director of the company for Asia. 

Robert Leckey successfully defended 
his doctorate in law at the University 
of Toronto in 2005. In 2006, he began 
teaching as an assistant professor at 
the Faculty of Law, McGill University. 

Gilbert Lee is Asia Pacific Director with 
Periscope, a full service independent 
advertising and marketing agency located 
in Hong Kong. The firm also has offices in 

William Long completed his fellowship 
at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and is 
currently working at the ISK-Institute 
in New York. 

Brian McKague recently joined CIBC 
Wood Gundy in Toronto as an Investment 
Advisor. He is actively involved as a council 
member of the SA.C. Alumni Association. 
Brian organizes the Annual Golf 
Tournament and encourages parents and 
almuni to particpate in next year's event. 

Roman Melnyk has completed his post 
doctoral work at Harvard University and 
has accepted a research position at Merck 
& Co. Inc., in Montreal. Roman and his wife 
Tammy moved to Montreal in September. 

John Shik married Jennifer Sullivan of 
St. John's, Newfoundland. John's parents 
welcomed the couple at a reception in 
Hong Kong in March. John and Jennifer 
have purchased a home in St. Philip's 
near St. John's where he continues in the 
medical field in the practice of Nephrology 
at the Health Sciences Centre. 

Andrew Sundjaja and Jackie Yeung '92 

and their wives treated Jim Herder '64 
to Dim Sum in Hong Kong in March. 
Above (1 r) Andrew '93, Jackie '92, Jim 

'64, Catherine Leung and Doris Yeung. 


Ryan Lawlor and Tralee Kelly were 
married on July 15, 2006 in the St. 
Andrew's Chapel. Fellow Andreans in 
attendance were best man Will McGuigan 
'94 as well as Justin Bates '94 and Rob 

Kelly '94. Ryan and Tralee live in 
Richmond Hill and Ryan works as a 
mortgage broker with Home Loans 
Canada Direct in Toronto. 

Geoff Pennal has been an Investment 
Advisor to high net worth clients at CIBC 
Wood Gundy in Toronto since May 2005. 

Alfredo VUlegas-Camil has recently been 
named CEO Empresas Raviatt. Located in 
Torreon, Mexico, Empresas Raviatt is 
involved in waste management and land 
and business development. Their recycling 
plant is the first of its kind in Mexico. 


Martin Best married Heidi Katariina 
Saario in the SA.C. Chapel on July 22, 
2006. Martin and Heidi's union was then 
blessed by the Finnish Lutheran Church 
in a second ceremony on August 5, 2006 
in Finland. His brother, Allan '92 was the 
best man. 

Andrew Cheung is Executive, Client 
Management, Institutional Equities 
with Macquarie Securities Limited in 
Hong Kong. 



Chris Foster and Tara Sutton were 
married in the St. Andrew's College 
Memorial Chapel on September 3, 2005. 
S.A.C. Chaplain, Reverend Bruce Roffey 
officiated and classmate Jeff Lewis '95 
was an usher in the wedding party. Other 
Andreans attending were Stephen Foster 
'97 and Matt Thome '95. Chris and Tara 
live in Richmond Hill. Chris works as a 
Solutions Consultant at Symcor Inc., a 
leading North American provider of check 
processing, payment processing, 
statement production and document 
management services in Toronto. 

Jason Inniss is the Chef at Amuse-Bouche 
restaurant in Toronto. He was nominated 
for the 2005 "9 of Dine Chefs of Distinction 
Awards" by a panel of judges that included 
Toronto food writers and critics. Jason 
studied History and International Relations 
before embarking on his cooking career. 

Jeff Lewis recently joined Air Canada as 
a pilot on the Embraer E190 aircraft. His 
routes include domestic and trans-border 
flying, as well as the occasional flight to the 
Bahamas and North Caribbean islands. 
Jeff continues to serve on the Board of 
Directors for the Canadian International 
Air Show and The Canadian National 
Exhibition. Jeff's business, Terraquip is 
now the largest importer of Asian 
Construction and Material Handling 
equipment in Canada. 

Darren McNair and Daniele announce 
the birth of their son James Thomas on 
April 8, 2006 in Toronto. 


Kevin Aarts and his wife Elizabeth 
announce the birth of their daughter, 
Calista on February 4, 2006. Kevin is the 
Chief Development Officer of the John 
Aarts Group of excavating, aggregate and 
property development companies and 
lives in London, Ontario with his family. 

Mark Atkinson has been the Editor of 
Inside Track Motorsports News for two 
years. One of the perks of his job includes 
test-driving new vehicles and reporting 
on racing events throughout Canada. He 
is a member of the Automotive 
Journalist's Association of Canada. 

Jameel Bandali attended Wilfrid Laurier 
University and graduated in 2000 with a 
degree in Political Science and 
Communication Studies. He then 
completed a one year post-graduate 
program in Digital Media Design from 
George Brown College. 

Sean Daniel and Dr. Kendra Struck were 
married on June 10th, 2006 in Waterloo 
with the reception in Cambridge. They 
had a honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii. 
They live on the West Coast where Sean 
continues to work for Microsoft and 
Kendra is in her residency of medical 

Jan Mathews is an elementary school 
teacher at Rosedale Day School in Toronto. 

Ted Mercer left Morgan Stanley in London, 
England in September 2005 and travelled 
through China with Graham Munro '96. 
He met Raphael Choi '96 in Hong Kong. 
From there he travelled through Thailand, 
Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore and 
Australia. He has settled at TD Bank as 
Manager/SOX Consultant in Toronto. 

Vito Pilieci and his wife Cheryl welcomed 
the arrival of their first child, son Alex on 
May 2, 2006. Proud grandparents are SAC. 
Librarian Marie Pilieci and her husband 
Sam. Vito, Cheryl and Alex live in Ottawa 
where he is a journalist with the Ottawa 

Neil Ritchie joined RBC Dominion 
Securities in January 2006. He was 
formerly with Tennis Canada. 


Michael Graaf is Vice President of Sales 
and Marketing for REHA Enterprises 
Ltd. in Mississauga, an importer and 
distributor of health and beauty products 
from Germany, dealing with major chain 
stores across Canada. 

Ron Ho married Michelle Ng on January 
7, 2005. Ron is currently working in Hong 
Kong with Hong Kong Land Limited, a firm 
controlled by the Hui Family. 

Gerald Li did a great job of organizing 
the Hong Kong Old Boys' Pub Night in 
March. The event attracted over 60 old 
boys to greet Ted and Jane Staunton, Jim 
Herder, and Beth and Mike McKay who 
were passing through on their way to 
China. Gerald, who graduated from the 
University of Hong Kong in 2005 with his 
law degree, is an account manager with 
Xinhua Finance. 

Jason Mclntyre graduated in June from 
the Radio Broadcasting Diploma program 
at Algonquin College in Ottawa. 



Kevin Siu is Business Development 
Manager with Fordex Electric Co. Ltd. and 
Executive Director of NGT International 
Trading Ltd. in Kowloon, Hong Kong. 


Brad Cross married Kandice MacMillan on 
Saturday August 12th, 2006. Fellow 
Andreans in attendance included his father 
David Cross '68, and (1-r) Mark Landry, 
Andrew Weedon, Brad, Antonio Riva 
Palacio, Gerald Kwan and Jason Perrier; 
all from the class of 1998. Brad was 
recently promoted to Senior Consultant 
with Deloitte & Touche LLP in Toronto. 

Jeff Thompson and his wife Sheena 
announce the birth of their daughter Alyse 
Christine on April 15, 2006 in Nassau 
Bahamas, weighing in at 8 lbs 6 oz. 

Makay House for senior boys. He will also 
be teaching social studies. Fellow Andrean 
Paul Kitchen 70 continues as Head of 
School at Rothesay-Netherwood. 

Yamato Yoshioka spoke to the graduating 
students of the class of 2006 about time 
management, and the importance of 
building and keeping strong relationships, at 
the annual Grad lunch given by the school 
and organised by the Ladies' Guild. Toshi" as 
he is known to one and all, graduated from 
Queen's University in Electrical Engineering 
in 2003, and is with Honda of Canada 
Limited in Alliston, ON as a new model 
engineer. He married Ayako Takeda at the 
St. Andrew's Chapel on August 5, 2006. 


Jamie Duncan graduated from Newmarket 
High School and then headed to the 
University of Guelph for Marketing 
Management. After a year, he was hired 
as a junior consultant at a small research 
company in Guelph and subsequently was 
hired by Ipsos Reid in 2002. He is now 
co-manager of the Alberta Municipal 
Affairs practice located in Calgary. 

on the Dean's List at the University of 
Waterloo. He is now Vice President of 
Business Development and Project 
Coordinator for Bioinformatics Solutions 
Inc., and lives and works in Waterloo. 

Kyle Walsh recently graduated from 
Queen's University with a Medical Degree 
in Economics & Health Studies. 


Chris Bibby is a Sales Representative for 
Sutton Group Associates Realty Inc. in 

Michael Campbell graduated last spring 
with a B.Sc. in Environmental Science 
from the University of Guelph. He is 
working as Sales Manager with WSP 
International Limited in Markham. 

Roger Chau graduated from Queen's 
University in May 2005 with a BSc. in 
Mathematics and Engineering. He 
currently attends the University of 
Waterloo studying for his Master of 
Mathematics and expects to graduate 
in December of 2006. 


Mark Gooderham is a Senior Account 
Manager with Xerox Technology, Document 
Management and Consulting Services, 
working primarily in York Region. 

Bernard Lee is in merchandising with 
Grandwood Hong Kong Limited and 
Productworks International, in Hong Kong. 

Albert Leung and his twin brother 
Herbert, two of the school's finest artists 
in recent years - attended the Old Boys' 
Pub Night in Hong Kong. Albert is 
Operations Coordinator with Disney 
Character Voices International. Herbert 
is an art director with Zenith Creative. 

Jamie MacPherson joined 

Rothesay-Netherwood School in New 
Brunswick as Assistant Housemaster for 

Asad Haque has joined the Hong Kong 
branch of Deutche Bank AG with their 
Global Markets Division. 

Jacob Marcinkowski is a Sales 
Representative for Sutton Group 
Associates Realty Inc. in Toronto. 

Wanki Park received his master's degree 
in comparative politics in the fall of 2005 
from the London School of Economics and 
Political Science. He is now back in Korea 
to prepare to serve his mandatory military 
duty as an officer in the Air Force. His duty 
is to become an assistant professor at the 
Air Force Academy and teach political 
science for the next three years. Wanki is 
planning to apply to law school in the U.S. 
after his military service concludes. 

Iain Rogers completed an Hons. BSc. in 
Science and Business in 2003, graduating 

Chris Chui graduated from the University 
of Waterloo with a degree in Software 

Mike Dainard graduated from McMaster 
University in the spring of 2005 with a 
Bachelor of Commerce degree and a 
minor in Economics. After travelling to 
Australia, he accepted a position with 
Bentall Capital, a real estate advisory and 
management company. 

Jackson Lau has relocated to Hong Kong 
and is an Account Executive in Sales and 
Marketing with the Jetmax Group. 

Paul Perrier received his degree in 
Chemistry Forensics at State University 
of New York at Oswego and is presently 
studying for his Law Doctorate at the 
University of Buffalo. 




Jason Wong has relocated back to Hong 
Kong after graduating from the University 
of Toronto. He now works in the Order 
Management System at Bloomberg L.P., a 
worldwide information and financial news 
provider. In his current position he works 
closely with asset managers from various 
hedge funds and banks, developing and 
implementing an electronic trading 
system. Jason writes "the Hong Kong 
Reunion gave me a chance to catch up 
with fellow old boys who I didn't know 
were in Hong Kong". (1-r) Jonathan 
Cheng, Kenneth King, Jackson Lau, 
Danny Mak, Jason Wong, Franko Lam. 
All from the class of 2001. 


Jason Bayley completed a three year 
Business Diploma from George Brown 
College in August of 2005, and is currently 
enrolled at Ryerson University completing a 
Bachelor of Commerce in Entrepreneurship. 

Randall Blom graduated from the 
University of St. Andrew's, Scotland, with 
an MA Honours in International Relations 
and Modern History. Randall tells us that 
the past four years in the UK, and at St. 
Andrew's especially, have been fantastic. 
However, he is exceedingly glad to be 
coming home to Canada! 

Jordan Dudley graduated with a Bachelor 
of Management and Organizational Studies 
from the University of Western Ontario. 
He was in the Commercial Aviation 
Management stream, which involves 
active flight training and successfully 
completed his Group 1 Multi-IFR rating 
in early spring. He is currently working 
for Empire Aviation in London as a flight 

Richard Goldhar has recently accepted a 
two year contract with the Atlantic Jewish 
Council. He is the United Israel Campaign 
Associate, Director of Administration for 
the Atlantic Jewish Council. Richard will 
also be the administrator for State of Israel 
Bonds in the Atlantic Region and assist in 
young adult programming. It is a non-profit 
organization which provides services and 
advocates for Israel by raising awareness 
and funds for the state. 

James Healey was one of 59 

student-athletes recognized by Hockey 
East as qualifying for the league's 
All-Academic Team last June. The 
Hockey East Association is a ten team, 
Division 1 college hockey conference 
based in Massachusetts. Jimmy plays 
goal for Merrimack College in 
Massachusetts. He [above right] visited 
with classmate Gavin Skolnick in 
Nassau last March. 

Ryan Kelly received an honours BMSc. 
degree in Physiology & Pharmacology from 
the University of Western Ontario in 2006. 

Please keep us up to 
date with your news, 
email us: 

(l-r) Scott Fullerton '05, Adam Brander 
'02, Andrew Steeves '02, John Knutton 
'02, Kevin Fullerton '02 and Jeff Ginou 

'02 enjoy the Fullerton's cottage on Lake 
Joseph in Muskoka. 

Pete McClelland was selected to represent 
Canada as part of the Canadian National 
Rowing Team at the Commonwealth 
Rowing Championships in Scotland, and 
the World University Championships in 

Frederick Tang graduated from University 
of Bath in the UK with a BSc. (Hons) 
Business Administration (BBA). Frederick 
is to pursue a master's degree in Finance 
at the University of Warwick in 2006-2007. 

Ian Wright participated in UBC's 
international exchange program during 
his third year. He spent a year at the 
University of Virginia and during that 
year decided to transfer permanently to 
UVA. He will graduate in December 2006 
with a degree in Systems Engineering. 
Last year Ian took over as Pipe Major of 
the Albemarle Sheriffs Pipes & Drums 
and regularly teaches bagpipes at home 
and at school. 

David Zhou graduated from Purdue 
University with a BS degree in Computer 




Hugh Dowell will finish his studies at 
McGill next year. He writes, "Though the 
years 1 have spent here have been 
valuable, I have realized this is not where I 
am called to be. Music will remain a vital 
part of my life. After much thought, 
meditation and prayer I wish to become a 
priest of the Roman Catholic church." 

John Housser (above) is studying at 
Acadia University and was recently 
involved in the 15th annual Acadia Art 

Exhibition which showcases work by 
students, staff, faculty, and community 
members. This is his first public show 
and he had two panoramic photographs 
on display. 

Ernie Lau is working in guest services 
with Travelodge Hotels in Vancouver 
after studying at the University of 

Matthew Posa and Armen Khajetoorian 

are the owners of Fusion Marketing Co. in 
Maple, Ontario which provides business 
services, such as graphic design, printing, 
banners, and business cards. 

Tyler Smith is in Environmental Science 
at Acadia University where he plans to 
complete his Honours in fourth year. 
Tyler also plays on the Acadia rugby 


Zameer Pirani will be attending the 
Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. 


Jordan Zitoun recently accepted a four 
year NCAA Division I scholarship with 
Quinnipiac College in Connecticut. Jordan 
played varsity hockey for S.A.C. in 2005. 


Anthony Grieco has accepted a four year 
NCAA Division I scholarship at North 
Dakota University. Anthony played varsity 
Hockey for SAC. in 2005. 

Robert Martini was MVP of the Toronto 
Star all-star high school hockey team and 
was drafted in the USHL by Indiana Ice. 



utirj/* A/p, 


Trevor Biasi and his wife Paula 
welcomed their daughter Robin Yvonne 
on May 12, 2006. She weighed a healthy 8 
lbs 3 oz. Trevor teaches Canadian History 
and Politics in the Upper School. 

Sabrina D'Angelo and her husband Gian 
welcomed their new son Max, a brother 
for Cole, on June 26, 2006. Sabrina 
teaches French and Geography in the 
Middle School. 

Adam and Clare Kowaltschuk welcomed 
their first child, Nathan Edward on May 
11, 2006 in Newmarket. Adam teaches 
Geography and Science in the Middle 
School, and Clare teaches Geography in 
the Upper School. 

Claudia Rose-Donahoe and her husband 
Phil proudly announce the birth of their 
first child, Maya Rose, born April 20, 
2006. Claudia teaches Grade 6 and 7 
Language Arts. 

Ted and Jane Staunton visited this local 
Hong Kong eatery in March. Ted says he 
is considering franchises in Toronto! 

Mike Ruscitti and his wife Sarah 
welcomed their daughter Georgina Fiore 
Cooper on August 29, 2006 weighing in at 
7 lbs. 2 oz. Georgina is a younger sister 
for Aria. Mike is the Acting Director of 
the Middle School and teaches math. 

Steve Treasure writes "During the March 
Break I went south to enjoy the clear skies 
and sunshine of Florida far away from the 
madding crowd of St. Andrew's College. 
Imagine my surprise when out on a boat 
on a lake near Mount Dora, Florida, I ran 
into these two cheerful rogues! - Graham 
Thompson '06 & Chris Young '06 Over 
the years, I have learned to be constantly 
on the alert - Andreans are everywhere!" 







Andrew hnelli 

Sean Han, John Park 

Nick Leslie 

Jun-Young Lee, Jeffrey Lui 

Rudy Allen, Max Kehrli, Paul Ross 


James Porter, Ben Udashkin 



ncer Higgs 


Leo Yeung 


Matthew Eaton-Kent 

Pierce Cassidy, Tyler Ehler, Mike 
Ferguson, David Kanhai, Johnny Lin 


Murray Kay, Julian Kim, 
Martin Lee, Gautam Tolani 


Brandon Richards 

Kevin Chai 

Blake Muir 



Lawrence L-nu, uean namann, 
Jared Lee, James McArthur, 
Arthur Wong 


Sean Lee, Jesen Tar 





Adam Laing 
Dustin Chong 
Alexander Tang 
Velio Keelmann 




Matt Browning, Eric Cumming, Andy 
Dalrymple, Chad Davis, Kiko Halaliku, 
Logan Hurst, Thijs Maaskant, Graham 

Sungjun Yoon 



tsang Liang z.nao 

Julien Benhaim, Justin Lemieux-Reale, 
Jeremy Slessor 


Inaki Lanzagorta 


Gordon Lee 


Viren Ratnaswami 



j, Jesse 

Cohen, Ping Hsu, Harvey Hui, David 
Luther, Jeffrey Ngo, Maguid Nicholas, 
Meher Sandhu, Alan Shum, Benjamin Si 


Will Ohm, Chris Simpson 

Jason Ng, Justin Quinton, 
Darryl Shen, Raymond Tung 


Anton Bennett, Dennis Chang, 
Paul Jenkins, Tyler Munro 


Matthew Leon, Karl McCartney, 
Nirushan Thambirajah, Chris Young 



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Friday, December 8th, 2006 
Yorkminster Park Baptist Church 
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Friday, January 12th to Sunday, January 14th, 2007 

Aurora Community Centre 

Alumni Hockey Game January 13th 


Tuesday, May 1st, 2007, 1:00 pm 

Classes 1957 and prior Luncheon 11:00 am 


Saturday, May 5th, 2007 
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Thursday, June 14th, 2007, 2:00 pm 


Friday, June 15th, 2007, 2:00 pm 


See website for details 

THE A N D R E A N | 55 


The members of the Regiment known as 
The First Five Hundred were each given 
a tiny Bible at St. Andrew's Church in 
St. John's on October 4, 1914. 
Inscribed in it are the words: "Watch 
ye, stand fast in the faith, quit ye like 
men, be strong. " 

I am in a reflective mood. Writing about the recent death of Bob 
Coulter, I am thinking about how much an agent of change he 
was in his 16 years at the helm of St. Andrew's. He was my 
Headmaster as we both started our careers at St. Andrew's in 
1958. So as a student, I witnessed firsthand the tremendous 
re-building of the College in 1962, which is described in the late 
Lloyd MacPherson's tribute reprinted from the 1974 Review in 
this issue. One man, driven with a passion for change and 
improvement can make a huge difference in the lives of many. 
Certainly Bob Coulter did that at St. Andrew's. 

He was born in 1914, the year the Great War, the "war to end 
all wars" started. In late June of this year, Gail and I went to 
northern France to attend the commemoration of the sacrifice 
made by the Royal Newfoundland Regiment in that war. We 
were with a large group of Newfoundlanders, and we visited the 
major battlegrounds where the Regiment fought - all of them, 
now, a part of the beautiful French countryside. The multi- 
layers of crops in farmers' fields are an endless green ocean 
rippling in the breeze, ever changing, ever the same. And on the 
side of the roadways, every few kilometers, are the cemeteries. 
At the Somme, from July to November 1916, a million men died 
advancing twelve kilometers. Flowers mark the immaculate 
graves of men from every corner of the globe. Many of the 
smaller cemeteries lie in the middle of farmers' fields. Others 
run wide into the distance as far as the eye can see. We were 
left speechless. ■ 

July 1st this year was the 90th anniversary of the Battle of 
Beaumont Hamel. It was the first day of the battle of the Somme. 
Everything that could go wrong, did. The Royal Newfoundland 

Regiment, among the first attackers, numbered 801 men. Those 
able bodied enough to answer the roll call the next morning 
numbered 68. All the others were killed, or wounded, or missing. 

It was, and remains, the greatest tragedy in the history of 
Newfoundland. The loss to our island people hit every cove and 
inlet, every town and city. It wiped out a whole generation of our 
brightest and best young men. They had signed up for what they 
called the great adventure, sure they would be home for Christmas. 

Three of them were my uncles: Hubert died that day and is 
buried at Beaumont Hamel, aged 25. Arthur was wounded and 
then killed the next year just down the road at Cambrai, aged 32. 
Ralph was wounded there, and at subsequent battles, lived 
through the four years and returned home in 1918. Their sister, 
Elsie, was an ambulance driver behind the lines. 

July 1st of course is Canada Day, but for Newfoundlanders it is 
also, and always, Memorial Day. We are grateful that this year, for 
the first time, there was a commemorative ceremony on 
Parliament Hill to remember Beaumont Hamel. 

In France, six Andreans were among the Newfoundland 
delegation. We were led by Lieutenant Governor Edward Roberts '57 
who is also Honorary Colonel of the Regiment; his son-in-law Ivan 
Lavrence '87; The Hon John Crosbie '49, Chancellor of Memorial 
University; Tom Munn '50; The Rev. Ian Wishart '48, a former Padre 
of the Regiment; and myself. It was, to put it mildly, an unforgettably 
emotional experience. All of us had relatives or family friends or 
both, who died in that place on that day or elsewhere in that war. 
And I therefore wondered whether something so personal was a 
reasonable subject for a column like this. 

Two thoughts occurred to me. First, think what the world lost 
because of those millions of deaths and what many of them might 
have accomplished had they been spared. Bob Coulter lived to do 
what he did because he didn't die as a young man in a muddy 
war somewhere. Second, think what the world gained. Our 
freedoms rest on their sacrifice and that of millions more, in 
other wars, in other lands, right up to the present day. 






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